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Guía de las anti-estafas sentimentales
protección contra los estafadores de Rusia
Guía de las anti-estafas sentimentales


Date de naissance: 3 April, 1981
Adresse: , Russie
Ul Mira 15, Appartment 10, 425462, Antonovo, Rusland



Svetlana Vladimirovna Petrova - grandmother

Svetlana Vladimirovna Petrova

Date de naissance: 10 May, 1983
Adresse: Russie, LABINSK
La rue Soviétique 95 Appartement 10 Postal code 352500 Labinsk. Russia

anna dorenko

anna dorenko

Date de naissance: 23 November, 1982
Adresse: Russie, Saint Petersbourg
Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 196135, Aviation street, 14, ap. 76 Here is my full data: last name: DORENKO first name: ANNA

Anna Zakharova

Anna Zakharova

Date de naissance: 10 January, 1987
Adresse: Russie, Khabarovsk
Khabarovsk Territory. Khabarovsk, Street Sungary 42, apartment 8.

Olga Vohmi

Olga Vohmi

Date de naissance: 18 May, 1977
Adresse: Russie, ---
Vilovatovo - Kozmodemyansk

Aleksandra Marozzova

Aleksandra Marozzova

Date de naissance: 17 September, 1980
Adresse: Russie, Ohansk
Ville : Ohansk, rue Komunisticheskaya 47-12 pour Alexandra. Pour Ekaterina : Pays, Ville: Russie, Berezniki Address: Rue Lermontova au 47-12 618400 Berezniki

fatima mohammed scam

fatima mohammed

Date de naissance: 20 June, 1990
Adresse: Russie, ---
osipenko 1,batiment 5 appartement 32 ou/or batiment 32 appartement 5 Samara

d'ou elle écrit

éléna korenkova ou...

Date de naissance: 15 May, 1977
Adresse: Russie, Sysert
rue Sadovaya 4-3

lada Petukhova

lada Petukhova

Date de naissance: 20 July, 1978
Adresse: Russie, Abakan



Mariya Chernowa Zlatoust 10-06-1977

Mariya Chernowa 10-06-1977,...

Date de naissance: 10 June, 1977
Adresse: Russie, Abakan
Mariya Yurevna Chernowa - Gagarina Prospect 9 - Apartment 15 - Chrysostom – Zlatoust – Russia Гагарина проспект 9 Apartment 10 - ST. Sherbakova 5 - Code postal 456207 Zlatoust Aleksandr Nazarov - Silver-tongued orator, Gagarin 1st line, 13, of. № 63 Zlatoust Russia phone number: +7(3513) 63-1464 Сладкоречивый оратор

Anna , Any

Anna , Any

Date de naissance: 2 September, 1981
Adresse: Russie, ---

Anna Egorowa

Anna Egorowa

Adresse: Russie, kirov
Kirov area,Pizhanka,chapaeva st.,building7, apartment 1,613380.

Ekaterina sumkina


Date de naissance: 17 September, 1980
Adresse: , Russie
Rue Lermontova au 47-12 618400 Berezniki


anastasia  anastasiya erouhanova

anastasia anastasiya...

Marina Sabanceva

Date de naissance: 2 February, 1980
Adresse: , Russie
Lenin's street 145-22


anna VORONCHIHINA, anna...

Date de naissance: 16 February, 1977
Adresse: Russie, sarov
Berezovaya Street, 6, apt. 26 Sarov, Nizhegorodskaya oblast, 607187

Viktoriia Khamidullina

I like this page

Viktoriia Khamidullina
Nombre, Apellido: Viktoriia Khamidullina
Fecha de nacimiento: 27 Noviembre 1975
País, Ciudad: Russie, Angarsk
Address: 23rd quarter, 8, apartment 17. Angarsk, 665806, Russia
Telephone: 89278705079
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Las muestras de sus mensajes:

Hello Name!

Thank you for a new letter. I am glad to receive your words.

You have good English. This is cool!

I wonder what you write in each of the next letter.

I hope you good to read my letters.

How are you?

Today, I thought a lot about what to tell you, Name.

I'll tell you about the city in which I live. It's a small town, but it is very beautiful, I like this place.

There is very beautiful nature, a lot of different attractions.

I will send you today a few pictures, you can make sure that my beautiful city.

Angarsk is a district center in the Irkutsk region. The closest big city, this Irkutsk. I sometimes go there.

The population of my city is about 260 thousand people.

When I got a job in a kindergarten, I saw in it only a temporary place of work. And in the future I would like to find

another job.

But over time I realized that I was in the right place. After graduation, I rented an apartment for rent. But it was

very uncomfortable.

So I decided to buy an apartment. Several years ago I bought an apartment on credit.

The fee for a loan large enough, but I know it's my apartment.

Name, I am very interested to know what you expect from a partner? What qualities do you value in a girl?

And what do not you like in a girl? What are your goals in life?

At this point I will finish my letter. I'll wait for your new message. Viktoriia.

Esquema de fraude:
  • She contacts the first time using meetic. After 2 months, she asks for meet in my country. She says that have asked holydays to her boss. The dates are closed, a very near to today. That dates can't be changed. Then she says that she went to a travel agency, and the flight is too expensive, and ask your money.Be careful, if you say you doubt, she send you a fake passport, and a fake travel agency information, and she ask you buy the flight in that agency. 

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Most profiles are submitted by site guests, so we do not bear the responsibility for the information provided in the profiles as most pictures do not belong to scammers and are just stolen for scam purpose.  The portrayed women are NOT scammers in most of cases. You have to request the official background check avaliable on our website here  for exact and accurate information about any Russian woman listed or not listed on this website.
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Imagen de miramehoy

She sends very personalized

She sends very personalized messages, be careful.

It_is_my_mummy.jpg with a blonde friend in a bar shows tongue

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