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google hangout What Is A Google Hangout Scam?

There are some people out there that just want to separate you from your money. These people are known as scammers and can make big money online. The scam we will learn about is known as the Google Hangout scam. It is when scammers try to pick an unsuspected victim from a social media site and ask him to visit Google Hangouts to complete their chat. By switching communication methods they are trying to cover themselves on Google Hangouts. So there are certain things you need to look out for; these are known as red flags. The golden rule is […]

arnaques de rencontres russes The End Of Russian Dating Scammers Era

There is good news, and that is it is much more difficult for Russian dating scammers to get what they want nowadays. With all the sanctions that have been placed upon Russian citizens with bank transfers, it is much more difficult to receive money from a foreign man. There used to be many sites that would try and cheat international men out of money. Because now the financial situation is complicated in Russia, it has brought many more problems to Russian scammers. They can not do what they used to collect money from guys in other countries. Because of the […]

guerre en ukraine War In Ukraine: New Dating Scams Opportunities by “Ukrainian Brides”

There were scammers before the war, and we are sure there will be scammers after the war, but right now, there has been a significant increase in the demand for Ukrainian women. This world situation has focused its attention on the country and people of Ukraine. In one way, it is a good thing that the world knows what is going on there. But it also brings out the scammers from the shadows. With Ukrainian women being on TV more than ever nowadays, men from the west want to help them. This is great news for all those scam artists […]

femme arnaqueuse en discussion How To Check If A Woman Is A Dating Scammer?

People are always looking for love, and because of convenience, online dating has gotten more popular over the last two years. The ease and speed of connecting with people across the planet are fantastic and appeal to many singles. But this popular way of looking for love brings some issues. It brings scammers with it. These are people who are intent on separating people from their money. When you are chatting online with a woman, you must watch out for some behavior. If she tells you she loves you in a few days, this is a big red flag. Also, […]

crypto-romances What Are Crypto Dating Scams?

There are many crypto romance scams, and they work like any other scam; they aim to separate you from your cryptocurrencies. Nowadays crypto currencies are being used more and more. Before the war in Ukraine, Russian brides were scamming, requesting money to be sent to their accounts. Because of all the sanctions put on the Russian people since the invasion of Ukraine, they can no longer receive money from western men. So they have adapted their approach. Now they are crypto scamming on dating sites. This means they ask single, lonely men for financial support, such as cryptocurrencies. These are […]

arnaques militaires Introduction To Military Scams

There are scams in every way in today’s world. You have to be careful with whatever you are doing online. You have obviously heard of online dating scams; these scams have been running ever since dating platforms found their way onto the internet. These are ways where people who have no intention of romance request money from others. It is a serious scam that thousands fall prey to every year. Because dating establishments are super popular in today’s world, there is lots of money to be made through such scams. But what about military romance scams? These are a new […]

les arnaques sentimentales How Do Dating Scams Work?

There are various ways women try to scam men online. Most dating scams work in the same way; they are by a lady who pretends she admires a man and requests money. It is a shame, but these tricks have been used for years and are still flourishing today. The online scams are for men who can easily get hooked on women and are emotionally unstable. If this sounds like you, forget online dating. Russian Women Scams As you can imagine, these ladies are clever businesspeople. They can have up to twenty men who are interested in her online, and […]

Les arnaques sentimentales How To Make A Russian Woman Come To Your Country?

When you are interested in marrying Russian girl, you have probably realized that since what has happened regarding the war in Ukraine, things have changed. It is still possible to find Russian girlfriend, but things have undoubtedly become more tricky. One of the easiest and most convenient ways to get a beautiful lady to visit you is to meet in another country. Countries such as Turkey and Egypt have good relations with Russia, so as other countries have turned their back on the Russian people, they are still happy for Russians to visit. Many countries in the West will not […]

escroc a la romance How To Trick A Dating Scammer?

Dating online is a huge business, and in 2021, dating scams have reached record highs. The key to not being someone who gets conned is to have confidence and belief. You will find dating scams can occur out of nowhere and usually target money. Through this article, we will guide you on how to trick a romance scammer and what methods they use to get money from desperate single foreigners looking for love online. So here is the list of signs that you should quickly reacts to when searching for a partner online: It is a common practice that women […]

arnaques aux rencontres Introduction To Dating Scams

Unfortunately, online dating scams have increased over the last few years and are now a huge business. It is reported that people lost a massive 300 million in scams in 2020. These scams usually focus on women in their forties to fifties and either divorced or widowed. On many occasions, these dating site scams are committed by people who claim they are in faraway destinations but may be in the same city. This article will highlight how to catch and expose such scammers online. How to trick a dating scammer? There are ways you can stay one step ahead of […]