Scams types

Scams involving Russian women in France

Most Russian women in France who have been abroad or met foreign guests in their city have attracted their appreciative glances. Websites designed to find foreign wives are full of Russian women. They know that Western men appreciate their education, femininity, and attractive appearance. Men, in turn, have seen from the example of others (a […]

Scamming Belarusian Women

It seems that the rise of social media and the emergence of dating apps should have completely overshadowed matrimonial agencies. However, these agencies are still in demand. Despite the events shaking the world, people continue to create families, and acquaintances through matrimonial agencies are precisely with those who seek to build a family, including outside […]

Romantic Scams on Skype

Skype is a very popular communication tool, allowing users to exchange messages, voice, and video calls for free. However, it’s also a convenient platform for fraudsters who seek victims and implement scams, particularly romance scams. Romance scams on Skype are not limited to a single method, but below, you will find three of the most […]

Scams by African Women

In today’s world, marriage between a man from a Western country and an African woman is not an exceptional thing. People travel a lot and find love in sometimes unexpected places. And we wish happiness to these couples. Scams by African Women However, we find it necessary to warn you about possible scams by African […]

Scam of Brazilian and Colombian Women

Colombia is famous worldwide for its beautiful women. Colombian women are rightly ranked first in beauty contests and in the global fashion industry. Brazilian women, too, have a radiant physique and seductive forms that attract men’s attention. Furthermore, Colombian and Brazilian women traditionally receive an education that makes them wonderful wives; they are devoted to […]

Exposed Deceptions: Analyzing the Preferred Strategies of Romance Scammers

With its widespread access to social networks and online dating, the modern digital world has undoubtedly brought many positive changes to our lives. However, behind these advantages lies a dark side – the rise of love fraud. This severe problem affects people worldwide, and its scale is only increasing. Statistics show a steady increase in […]

Pseudocide – A Novel Scammer Technique to Conclude a Relationship Scam

Pseudocide, or faked death, is a tactic where a person pretends to be dead or disappeared when, in fact, they are not. This is about people who didn’t intend to die. Why do people commit pseudocide? They simply decided that a fake death would free them from old debts, punishment, or dangers. Sometimes, this is […]

How Romance Scams are Exploiting the Ukraine Conflict in Their Cynical Campaigns

Online dating site scams are not a new phenomenon. With the onset of the full-scale war in Ukraine, romantic scammers have found a new “window of opportunity” to make a decent profit. One method of deception has been distributing spam emails from international and Ukrainian dating websites offering relationships and romantic connections with Ukrainian women. […]

Romantic Scams: How Does It Unfold?

The explosion of social networks has offered a multitude of possibilities to Internet users, but it has also seen a surge in romantic scams. User information from social networks is used for malicious purposes. In reading this article, you will discover the unfolding of romantic scams and how to avoid them. Romantic scams via webcam […]

Protecting Yourself Against Emotional Scams: Strategies and Tips

Scam artists, also known as “brouteurs” or emotional scammers, are individuals who manipulate the emotions of their victims to extract money or other material advantages. These scams can take various forms, but their common goal is to exploit the emotional vulnerability of the targeted individuals. In this article, we will explore the most common strategies […]