How to invite a Russian Woman to Your Country WITHOUT PAYING a Russian scammer?

You are communicating with a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman, and she is interested in visiting you in your country but needs an international passport or visa and airline tickets. Is it possible to ensure her arrival in the US, Canada, Australia, or Europe and assist her with all these documents WITHOUT getting TRAPPED into an online Russian dating scam? Here we will discuss all the legal and workable steps that can lead to meeting your Russian girl while avoiding a notorious romance scamming mess.

Step One: Check your potential Russian bride

First of all, you must be sure you are in touch with a real, serious woman who is interested in you. Have you ever seen your favorite Russian girl on cam through Skype, FaceTime or any other popular mobile messenger? No??? So, how can you be sure she is real and not a fake con artist planning to rip you off? Are you in love and corresponding with a beautiful Russian girl whom you have never seen while she expresses her strong willingness to visit you in your country? Sorry, but it’s a 100% Russian online dating scam! You are one step away from sending money to a scammer. Numerous Western gentlemen have done the same, as evidenced by the multiple scam cases found on the Internet.


Try to see her on camera before any other step. If the girl you are in correspondence with refuses to show up on cam, cancel this communication immediately and report this profile here.


Step Two: Ask her about her visit and listen to her answer

If you have seen each other on cam and are both interested in further communication, the next question will be: How can you check her motives about your future together? Even she is real, from flesh and blood, she may scam you for traveling expenses without ever coming to you. A few simple questions will help you to draw the right conclusions.

Ask yourself and your online girlfriend: Why does a serious and honest woman want to spend time at a man’s house even though she has never met him before? Won’t she be scared to leave home for another country and be alone with a complete stranger?

The right answer is obvious: any reasonable girl will refuse to go abroad after only exchanging letters or messages. A genuine and honest Russian woman would expect you to visit her in Ukraine at first, not vice versa. What are the possible answers the girl can tell you?

Answer 1

Your girl insists on visiting you in your country and asks to send her financial aid to cover a visa and other travel expenses. Congrats! You are in touch with a Russian scammer. Visa scams are the most popular way to take your money. Numerous examples are found on anti-scammer forums and all over the Internet. Sadly, marriage scam alerts can also be found on such reputable media sources as the website for the US Embassy in Ukraine.

For your safety, report her profile immediately to the dating platform administration where you have met and stop all communications before losing money and your heart.

Answer 2

Your girl still wants to visit you but says she can come at her own expense. Too good to be true?! No, she isn’t asking for money at the moment. But, please, note: if she has no valid visa to your country on hand, it would be next to impossible for her to get it on her own.

Check your embassy’s policies, and you will find that neither the US, Canadian, Australian or any other embassy will issue a visa to a young woman on your invitation if you have never met in person. This visa application will be rejected.

By the way, not many Ukrainian girls are ready for such a risky and adventurous step. It’s not in their mentality and against their traditional upbringing to impose herself on a man. Thus, how can you be sure it is not a case of Russian dating scam? Need more proof?

Example 1

The girl often says she can cover expenses herself, but then finds that the money for traveling is equal to all of her family’s savings. Or she says she needs just a part of the amount and the rest she claims she will pay on her own. You will feel ashamed and send her something to ease this uncomfortable situation.

Example 2

The girl has shown you a scanned visa and flight tickets. You both are anticipating her visiting soon. However, just before the arrival day, something terrible occurs. The illness of a close relative, bad people on the streets, or perhaps additional travel documents like travel insurance are needed and will delay her trip. Whatever the reason, she will ask for a helping financial hand from her beloved man abroad. You will feel sorry for her and send the money.

Example 3

The girl is already on her way to the airport. You both look forward this first, real meeting. Then the phone rings. She says she is at customs and is asked to prove she has a certain amount of money at her disposal to cover her daily living expenses while abroad. She cries and says she needs this money badly. There’s no time for hesitation. Will you send the requested payment to save your princess? I bet you will.

Example 4

The girl is at the airport’s customs counter. The immigration officer has found an old icon or something else valuable in her luggage. She intended to bring this as a present to you as an old Russian tradition. Right now, she needs money, very quickly, of course, to bribe an officer and pass through customs without further issue. Such a misfortune with your favorite lady will inspire you to transfer her money, right?

The examples above are just a few schemes that Russian con-artists use to receive funds from men overseas. All of their activities are aimed at gaining your trust first and then collecting your donations. So, what is the key? How to meet with a Russian girl but avoid all these scams?

Step 3: You’re still hesitating

If you feel in love with a Russian or Ukrainian woman and your feelings and emotions are stronger than the facts about her strange behavior, or if you merely have doubts, we can run an official background check on her. To get a report about a Russian or Ukrainian citizen, without her knowledge, you simply have to fill out the verification request.

Step 4: Travel to her country to meet her

Actually, you are already at the slippery stage when your online acquaintance can ask you for money to cover her travel expenses at any time. Why not invest the amount into traveling to Ukraine yourself to meet real Russian girls? If you are convinced that your online woman is a real person and she’s trustworthy, come to her and check your feelings against reality.

Visiting in person can be the best decision and an effective, quick, and cheap strategy that will help:

  • Reduce the risk of Russian online dating scams.
  • Learn about her lifestyle and habits in her hometown.
  • Meet her friends and her parents.

By the way, if you are in correspondence with several women, you can meet all of them or other local women while in Ukraine. After you return home, you can invite the one who was the best fit. This optimizes your chances of a successful relationship.

These steps will help you choose wisely and without regret. Coming to the Ukraine or Russia to meet with genuine girls there could change your life. It is important to stick to a reputable dating agency with a local Ukrainian office and positive reviews to get full assistance in organizing your trip. Check if a dating agency is honest here. Or Contact us today to get the full details!

Watch how scam dating sites work!!

Step 5: You’re sure that she’s real and want to invite her

If you are convinced that she’s a real person and she’s trustworthy, here’s what you have to know about a Russian or Ukrainian woman’s trip to your country.

  • International Passport:

All Russian and Ukrainian nationals have a national passport that is used the same way as the identity card in many Western countries.

International passports are not compulsory and are issued by the Russian and Ukrainian authorities for those who want to travel abroad.

The timeframe for issuing the passport varies from 5 to 90 days. The price depends on the timeline but does not exceed 100 euro.

  • Visa:

Ukrainian citizens do not need a visa to travel to Europe, but that is not the case for Russian citizens.

  • Important things to know:

It is not possible to invite a woman you have never met in person to the US, Canada, Australia or Europe. The visa application will be rejected.

The only option is to use the services of a travel agency that can handle the procedures for obtaining a visa. The price varies between 200 and 2,000 euro, depending on the country, the duration of the visa, and if flight and accommodations are included in the package.

The official visa fee is 35 euro for a short stay visa, but as we have already explained, the woman can apply for this type of visa only if you have met her in person. She must also provide an invitation letter written by you.

The woman must also prove to the employee in charge of issuing visas at the relevant Embassy that she is willing to return to her country when her visa expires. Here are some possible kinds of proof: a good job with a good salary, her own house, a current account with good liquidity, family members (such as a son or daughter) remaining in the Ukraine or Russia during her stay.

  • Airline tickets:

This is the simplest step since you can buy an air ticket yourself without having to send cash to the Russian or Ukrainian woman.

  • Customs:

It is not true that women are asked to prove to have a certain amount of money per day at their disposal to cover their living expenses while in the country.


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