Ukraine Refugee Identity and motivation check

With the way the world is at the moment, with the terrible war in Ukraine, there are more scammers around. That is why we exist, to help people understand if they are getting scammed while online dating and to provide solid background checks on refugees.

Online dating has always had scammers connected to the industry. Now with the unfortunate events in Ukraine, scammers are becoming more ruthless than ever. They are trying to get as much money from people online as ever before. Of course, there are still people who need financial support and a sponsor: too many Ukrainian women refugees with children were forced to leave the country and look for a new home. It is a pity, and it is amazing how many millions of people are willing to help. Yet there is a massive number of those who just take advantage of the war.

Scammers are now trying to scam men by adding their photos to their profile pages online. They start by contacting a man and chatting away in the usual way. After some time, they will tell you they have their phones broken and will not be able to contact you.

This is a widespread scam and one that usually works on single, lonely men. Female scammers can ask for $300 for a new phone so they can continue chatting with you. Next month they will ask for money to buy tickets to visit you. After some time, they will ask for financial help saying their mother feels sick. They use this scam on countless different men. If these women are scamming 10 men at the same time, you can imagine how much money they make. So by the end of the month, they earn about $3,000. This price is too high for trusting and being wrong.

Background Сheck a Refugee From Ukraine

As you can see, this is a massive scam, and many men are falling into their trap. We, as a company, have decided to perform background checks on Ukrainian refugees for men using online dating websites. We want to prevent men from scammers, so we are willing to analyze your chat with a woman to understand whether her excuses and reasons why she needs money sound fair.

We will contact these women on your behalf and find out if they are scammers or genuine. We want to make sure that people who are using dating establishments online are finding love and not finding a scammer. Many scammers we have found using the excuse of not being able to chat through video chat, as they have no internet.

These are common excuses used by many scammers on international men. They will ask for money as they say they have no food and need to run from the war. The war in one of the biggest countries in Eastern Europe has made it more possible for scammers to get money from foreign men. Countless men from the US and the UK feel sorry for these ladies and believe everything they say. We are here to do background checks on refugees and ensure these ladies need help.

Because of the situation in Ukraine currently, Ukrainian refugees checks are much needed. It can be very tricky to understand which Ukrainian refugees need help with the war and those that are looking to make money from the war. We are here to serve the men online who are unsure whether they are talking with a woman scammer or a refugee from the war. Our job is to try to find out as much as possible about the women you are chatting with. We have an email that you can contact us, it’s We will then give you a call and assist you in your situation. All our services are 100% free.

How To Check And Verify Ukrainian Refugees?

Here are some valuable tips we can give our readers:

  • The second step is analyzing your chat with a woman. We have a big experience in dating scams and know how to differentiate genuine intentions from a scam. By reading through a chat, we will understand whether she is telling the truth, whether she really needs money.
  • The next step is to contact us, and we will call the woman and ask her many questions. We will try and find out if she is genuine or a scammer, including checking her ID (check Ukrainian passport) and criminal history.
  • When a man requests a background check a refugee from Ukraine, we contact the woman and introduce ourselves as a professional organization helping Ukrainian refugees. We will never tell her we are checking for scammers. If we discover she is genuine, you can provide help by hosting a Ukrainian refugee. If she does not pass out checks, we will give you a warning response.

Many times we can find out if there is internet in the city where she lives. So if she has told you there is no internet, we can check whether it is true or not. Our job is to give you confidence that the girl you are chatting with is real.

The only advice we can give is never send a woman online money. It is best if she says she is a refugee of the war to get her help from an agency. There are plenty of volunteers in and outside the country who are helping local people in different ways.

Antiarnaques Helps To Check Refugee From Ukraine

We aim to help those single men chatting with Ukrainian refugees online. Our policy is to get as much information from the woman you are in contact with as we can for your safety. Because these scammers can earn so much money in one year, they often go missing. Many foreign men believe they have been killed in the war. But they scammed the guy and moved on to the next victim. We have strict requirements for women who look for love online. Therefore, we are willing to do our best and find out how genuine their intentions are.

Because millions of foreign men from America and Europe want to meet Ukrainian girls online, we have the task of protecting them. We want to ensure that foreign men are not scammed, and we will help every guy who needs assistance. Our company will discover the truth about the girls you are chatting to online. We will ask all the questions you can not find out if she is a scammer or not.

The situation in Ukraine has created more scammers as times are now more challenging than ever. People are looking for ways to make easy money, and online dating is one way to do that. If you contact us via email, we will call you back and talk with you about your situation.

Final Thoughts

Our goal is to help you make the right dating choices. So do not hesitate to contact us, as we will always get back to you. Our company delivers accurate information on your dating situations and it’s absolutely free. We will find out the truth about the women you are chatting with online. You never have to worry about being scammed when you use our service. It is super reliable, fast, and accurate every time. Your details will always be safe in our hands. We will give you all our findings once we have spoken with the woman. Every foreigner searching for a beautiful Ukrainian single can now uncover the truth. We will get to the bottom of the truth on your behalf by applying all the necessary security background checks so that you can rest. Find out who she really is!

By the way, on our forum, you can find an active discussion on the topic of fraud with dating sites and marriage agencies. Click here to learn more.


Do refugees undergo background checks?

Thanks to our experienced team, a Ukrainian refugee can undergo a background check upon your request. If you want to host a refugee or want to help a woman you are interested in from a dating site, we would undoubtedly recommend requesting a check for your safety.

What is the screening process for refugees?

We check for the woman’s background with different dating agencies. We also check women’s passports and ensure they have no criminal history.

How long does the refugee vetting process take?

The time depends on the case. If the woman exists and it is easy to find her information, the process should not take long. You need to give us time to contact a woman and ask her specific questions to unveil her real intentions.


If you have a particular situation or request, you have doubts about your virtual or real girlfriend, you want our opinion about your case, just contact us and we’ll tell you if your situation corresponds to existing scam patterns.