The end of the era of Russian dating scams

Good news: it’s much harder for Russian dating scammers to get what they want these days. With all the sanctions that have been imposed on Russian citizens regarding bank transfers, it is much more difficult to receive money from a foreigner. There used to be many sites that tried to scam money from foreign men.

With the financial situation now complicated in Russia, Russian scammers encounter a lot more problems than they think. They can no longer do what they used to collect money from victims in other countries. Due to the war in Ukraine, scammers are in a difficult situation. Things become much more difficult for them.

These scammers are now using their network in other countries like Kazakhstan or Georgia to receive money from abroad. Victims can therefore sometimes send money to an account in Armenia, for example, thinking that their contact resides in this country. This is one of the means used by some scammers to circumvent such penalties. Russian crooks are the very heart of mafia networks that antiarnaques try to expose. When looking for a relationship online, think with your brain, not your heart. The good news is that it is increasingly difficult for these scammers to operate, good for you!

What are the signs of a romance scam?

Russian dating scam networks are always trying to steal your money. European men who desire Eastern European women should always be careful. There are always scammers online who do their best to extort money from them. If a woman you’ve never met before asks you for money, you should say no.

There are countless French or Canadian people who have been tricked by these Russian dating scam networks. These men finding themselves under the spell of these beauty goddesses found online. The scheme of the scam is simple: tell a sad story, that of a hospitalized parent or a sick child. This can strike a chord with many foreign men.

How can I check Russian dating scams?

  • You should always use common sense and ask questions of the girl you are chatting with.
  • Make sure to see her through her webcam.
  • Make sure she is who she claims to be. There are so many women who are only looking for financial help.
  • Many girls online want a visa to leave their country, so it is essential to check them out before you fall in love with them. It is now easier for a Ukrainian woman to get the visa than a Russian woman.
  • You can always check the details of their profiles.
  • A search on Google can also allow you to discover a lot of information.
  • With the large number of marriage sites out there, it’s not easy to know who to trust!

Tips to protect yourself from online scammers

Nowadays, everyone needs help to avoid getting scammed. There are so many scams given the Ukrainian situation; so you have to be very careful. Western men are always interested in brides from the East. Russian dating scams are all about that urge to help.

The list below shows how to avoid scams:

  • Always request a webcam video chat
  • Never send money to anyone online
  • Make sure that if you allow a woman to visit you, she contributes to the trip
  • Take it easy; never speed up an online romance
  • Ask lots of questions and make sure their answers are consistent
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By following these tips, you can avoid getting scammed on dating platforms. These women are always looking for someone to pay for them, so make sure it’s not you. Once you do that, you’ll have the big picture and you’ll have fewer problems.

Common signs of a scam

The obvious signals to watch out for are women asking for money; it is the first clue that never deceives. They will always tell you that they love you in record time. Many of these girls seek to obtain the visa to be able to leave their country. Any allusion to this sort of thing should therefore alarm you. You should also make sure that these women do not talk about sick relatives or security issues in their country. These are common signs of a scam. You can find these women everywhere online, so it’s important to ask lots of questions.

Conclusion on Russian dating scams

Overall, the situation in Ukraine was able to significantly reduce the number of online scams, as it is now more difficult for them to get out of it. If you want to find a wife and live as a happy couple, think carefully about what you do online. When it comes to “bride buying site”, this is not for you, run away!


How do you know if you are the victim of a Russian woman scam?

The most common and obvious signs of a scam are demands for money. It is very common for young Russian contacts to ask for money. They give you dozens of reasons why they need it. What should definitely make you feel weird is when a woman asks for money at the start of a romantic relationship. A woman who really wants to build a relationship with a man would feel embarrassed to ask for money on a dating site.

How do you know if someone is a scammer?

A true romance scammer is someone who tries to hide all personal information and avoids any possibility of video chatting. You have to understand that women with real intentions like to video chat. They would be open to sharing personal details to make men even more interested. Romance scammers never share details and avoid being contacted by video.

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