Why Did Western Union Suspend Its Activities to Russia?

Scientific progress is an asset that facilitates various financial operations, allowing the existence of several transaction channels that streamline money transfers. However, these channels are well-organized structures that do not favor fraud. What is the purpose of Western Union? Why has it suspended its transactions in Russia?

Western Union: A Highly Effective Transaction Channel

Western Union acts as an intermediary between two entities wishing to conduct transactions, whether for a service, a good, or any other reason. It enables you to send money to recipients in any country, making it a versatile and efficient channel for financial transactions.

Initially, Western Union, an American-origin company, expanded its presence across several countries, and its efficiency and speed in transactions make it one of the safest channels, similar to SWIFT. Over time, it has improved its coverage and services, becoming widely used by merchants, artisans, and various sectors.

Unlike banks, Western Union transactions pose fewer problems, and when visiting a Western Union agency, customers have minimal formalities to complete.

General Conditions of Western Union

The structure of Western Union is well-organized, and transactions require preliminary steps. Certain conditions must be met before engaging in operations with Western Union.

Services Offered by Western Union

Western Union operates electronically, and despite its electronic nature, you can find its branches in various locations. If you encounter any issues, you can contact the management for clarification.

To initiate transactions with Western Union, you need to provide your age. If you are under 18, you cannot use the service for security reasons, as Western Union considers all its clients as adults.

Each transaction is assigned a tracking number, and when receiving money through Western Union, you must verify your identity before withdrawal. Even if someone else represents you for withdrawal, verification is mandatory. Losing your ID does not pose a threat if you follow the necessary procedures.

Responsibilities of Western Union Towards Clients

As a channel for financial transactions, companies like Western Union must prioritize security. While facilitating money transfers, they must also gain the trust of clients. This policy is similarly applied by MoneyGram.

Western Union ensures the various services provided through its company and does not validate any transaction without client consent. Clients must adhere to usage limits and enhance the security of their passwords and identity. Any user violating the rules will face sanctions. This is why Russia no longer has access to Western Union services.

Advantages of the Suspension Towards Russia

Western Union is based on strict principles that must be observed rigorously. It serves as a transaction channel but not a means to defraud the innocent.

According to its rules, users must not abuse or scam. Russians, being experts in this field, exploit Western Union for scams and fraud. They also thought to take advantage of the current crisis to extract money from Westerners. However, they did not anticipate the severe sanctions imposed by Europe and the Americans, effectively removing Russia and Belarus from the map of international transfers.

The suspension will instill confidence among users. Victims will no longer worry about their transactions through Western Union, enabling secure online purchases or seeking safer romantic encounters. Ultimately, victims will be less susceptible to various forms of scams.