How to Tell If a Girl Is Using You?

Do you have a feeling that a girl you like uses you instead of being genuine? Women using men is more common than you may think, and nowadays, with online dating being one of the most popular methods to meet a significant other, it is super common. The question is how to tell if a girl is using you. There are some signs that you can look out for. If your girl keeps blowing you off and not wanting to meet up with you, it is important to wonder why. Dating must work both ways; it can not be just one-way traffic. So when you are in a relationship, you must compromise; this is one of the qualities of a good partnership.

When both parties compromise with each other, you have a stable, fair romance. Once this is not the case, you must start asking yourself, is she using me? If you are constantly paying for nights out and dinners, the alarm bells should be on. Many women use men for their money. This is a very common trait. So try and make sure you are not being used as an ATM. Also, how does she speak to you? It is essential to pay attention to her words and actions toward you. If she acts using her brain but not her heart, she probably has a plan.

Why Your Partner Might Be Using You?

There are several reasons why your partner might decide to use you. One reason may be that she does not find you attractive anymore. Her behavior will change towards you as she no longer desires you. This can appear in many forms; one way can be a lack of respect and kindness. She will also have less happiness when she is around you. Many times a partner could want to use you for your money. The signs she only wants your money can be requesting money from you whenever she gets a chance. Wanting you to pay her bills and buy her gifts constantly. If you experience these signs, it is essential to be aware of what could be happening. These are signs a woman is using you for money.

Another reason a woman may be using you could be that she wants to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. Often women come out of a relationship and jump straight back into another one. This can lead to disaster as it can mean she aims to make her ex-boyfriend want her back. The signs your girlfriend is using you can be not talking to you, only when it suits her. Not wanting to meet you unless it is on her terms is another clear sign.

She can also create an environment where she will make you jealous. Some women have moments when they feel insecure and enjoy manipulating men. Anytime you ask the question is my girlfriend using me, it is a bad sign, as things are going wrong. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is far more common nowadays, with so many dating websites available. In the subconscious mind of many women, they think they will find another man, so they can treat their boyfriends however they choose.

Is She Using Me? Tell-Tale Signs

There are a few signs that you must look for how to know if a girl is using you. These include her not wanting to introduce you to her family and friends. You have to ask questions like why? Another common signs a woman is using a man can be that she disregards your needs. When this happens, you need to think about taking the exit door out of the relationship. If there is no emotional connection, your romance is in trouble. There is no point pretending if this is happening, she is using you. Her generosity has gone. She no longer gives; she only takes.

If you have doubts and feel that the woman you fancy does not treat you genuinely, please contact us. We will study her profile, we will read your chat and we will try to help you understand whether she is looking for love or someone who is rich and is willing to support her financially.

Why Your Partner Might Be Using You?

As you can see through this article, there are several reasons women use men. We have shown the signs that she’s using you above, but the question is, why? We have a list of reasons below:

  • You are an option but not her priority. This is a common reason, and she will only meet up with you if there is nothing else going on in her life at that moment. If you experience this type of behavior, you know it is not love; just walk away.
  • You are not special to her. Many women treat men they know are not the ones for them but as temporary fun. Such women never give any compliments or positive remarks. If you are wondering how to know if a girl is using you, just observe her behavior and actions. Not meeting her friends and family is a surefire sign; she is a scam girlfriend.
  • She is always asking for expensive gifts. This has to be the clearest sign your girl is not the one. You want a woman that is light-hearted and kind, not always requesting money and jewelry. If you realize she is demanding things all the time, it is time to have a conversation with her.

These are some signs that a woman is using you. When you find the right woman, she will not have any of these traits. So it is important to understand what type of woman you are in a relationship with.


Women can be wonderful and can help create a wonderful life, but if you get mixed up with the wrong one, it can be torture. We know all the signs she wants you badly and are willing to help you understand whether her intentions are genuine.

Note that our services are free. Do not be shy to send us a message and tell us your story. By analyzing your conversation with the woman you like, we will help you understand whether she behaves a certain way due to her culture or whether she is greedy and is only interested in your money. Not only will we make a conclusion based on what you tell, but contact the woman and find out about her intentions.


How do you tell if you’re being used by a girl?

You should always feel it. If she is not giving you the respect you deserve, she is out for her own benefit.

How do you tell if a girl is just keeping you around?

She will make plans with you on her terms; she will never compromise. Once you are in a relationship that is only one-sided, it will be torture.

How to deal with a girl who uses you?

The only way to deal with this situation is to have a conversation about your thoughts and feelings. If that does not work, walk out the door.

How do you know if a girl is not serious about you?

The signs will be that she disregards your thoughts and feelings. She may also only make plans with you if she has nothing else going on. You will never get a good word out of her mouth.