New Dating Scam Tactics in Russia in 2023

Online dating is a great way to meet your life partner, but with more scam tactics being developed, the process of finding your adult soulmate on the Internet becomes more and more complicated. Foreigners lose more money trying to find a beautiful woman for marriage online. Russian scam tactics aim to trick you and get your money. So, when you are chatting with a lovely woman, you must be able to say whether she is real or a typical fraudster.

Basic Russian Scam Tactics

Russian dating scammers may use fake photos or videos, as many of them never want to show their faces. They aim to find men who will easily fall for their charms and get their money. However, some girls show their faces, communicate via video chat, and constantly stay in touch, which creates an impression of genuine women who look for love.

Some of the basic scams from Russia are when a woman misrepresents the costs and requirements of a visa to the USA, asks you to send her money so she can buy an airline ticket in Russia, or has a sudden illness of a family member who needs money for surgery/treatment.

Russian Tinder scams include catfishing and fake photos. Also, when a woman’s photos seem too good to be true, this is likely a tinder cam girl scam. So if you find yourself chatting with a model-looking woman who tells you how much she wants to get married and asks you to send her money so she can buy herself an airline ticket to come and visit you in the US, it all sounds suspicious. Remember about these signs of a Russian scammer to not fall into their traps.

New Tactics: Tricks to Be Aware Of

One of the new trends is related to the fact that people can not receive money in Russia at the moment. Therefore, scammers have to find someone in countries like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia or Georgia to receive money instead. Why do they do it? They need money to be sent to a country from where they can potentially fly abroad as at the moment, the air connection between Russia and Europe/USA or UK is closed.

If you find it suspicious that you have to send money to another country, please contact us and explain the situation. We have the ability to check scammers and we understand what tactics they use to get money.

How To Protect The Rights Of A Foreigner In This Situation?

Filing a complaint with the police is one option. Not every situation will get a response from the police; it depends on different factors. It is essential to prove that the scammer had the intention to cheat the victim. This is not always easy to prove, as many times, the police may find the scammer, and she will show internet communications between the two of them. This will prove that the man sent money as a gift; there was no scam involved. This means the scammer will not have any punishment against them. Unfortunately, they will carry on trying several dating format scam operations.

There is another option when a victim can file a claim with the court. This may be one of the best tips on how to protect yourself against a scammer. By doing this, you would be invoking article 1102 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. If you manage to win this court case, the woman scammer will need to return all the money she has scammed by dating foreigners. The way to win a court case against such scammers is by proving there was no contract or agreement between both parties. By doing this, you ruin the romance scammers tactics of trying to scam people out of their money. You will prove to a court that you should get your money returned and protect others from this type of scam operation.

Those steps can provide you a 10% success rate so if you send to a scammer less than 10,000$ your efforts will cost you more than the potential outcome.

And after the Russian invasion to Ukraine, you don’t have any chance to get your money back for multiple reasons.

So the best thing is not to send any money to any Russian woman and to contact us for free background verification if you are in a relationship with a Russian lady who asked you for money.

Follow these tips to protect yourself from potential scammers online:

  • Always use caution and common sense while online with strangers
  • Be sure that when you are messaging on a dating site, you are not asked for money (check our forum where people discuss dating site scams forum. )
  • Always request the woman you are chatting with uses a webcam so you can see her
  • Never send money online, no matter what story you are told
  • Read a publication on dating safety before going online
  • Always use reliable Russian American dating sites to meet new people online

These are useful tips to remember before using online dating websites. If you follow these tips, we are sure you will not have any issues with dating scammers.

Final Thoughts

Remember that Russian women scammers are great psychologists and eager to use this skill to get what they want. They have found that through various dating scams, they can do just this. It is important to always pay attention when communicating with Russian ladies online. Using your common sense is essential to prevent yourself from falling for their tricks. There are many services online, but they must be used with caution. There are scam calls from Russia which is a popular way of scamming single men.