Introduction To Military Scams

There are scams in every way in today’s world. You have to be careful with whatever you are doing online. You have obviously heard of online dating scams; these scams have been running ever since dating platforms found their way onto the internet. These are ways where people who have no intention of romance request money from others. It is a serious scam that thousands fall prey to every year. Because dating establishments are super popular in today’s world, there is lots of money to be made through such scams.

But what about military romance scams? These are a new way of getting money from others by pretending to be a military officer abroad. They become members of dating websites and request funds from others online. It is a very clever and sophisticated way to scam. They rely on people believing military personnel is honest and trustworthy individuals. Once the other person they are chatting with online believes this, they will do anything for them. At this point, they request money. A military romance scammer is a liar and cheat who will do anything to gain finances.

What Is a Military Romance Scams?

It is a way to separate people from their money by lying online. There are men and women who use these techniques to lie to people on dating platforms. They lie and say they are in the army stationed abroad and need financial assistance. A military dating scammer will always play on the heartstrings of the victims, coming up with stories like my child is sick or my parents have just died. They do all this to receive money online. This is why it is essential that you do a good background check when you are chatting with people online.

How Do Military Romance Scams Work?

They work when people believe in a story from a fake military officer through a dating site. They end up in chat rooms chatting with people, and they hear a story from a military officer. This person pretends he needs money as he has no family members. There are many military romance scammer stories that have happened, and unfortunately, people have been scammed out of money. They work like typical dating site scams you can learn about.

Someone is desperate for love online, and they fall into the hands of these liars. This scammer will say they have fallen in love online very fast. This is how the scam works. Love can do funny things to people. Some people will do anything if they feel someone loves them, even if they have never even seen any photos of the person.

Tips On Avoiding Being Scammed

If you want to avoid being scammed, you need to use common sense while you are online. Keep in mind these simple tips to avoid losing your money:

  • Never send money to anyone who requests money through a social network or dating platform. These military romance scams on Instagram are popular and can only be used if you follow their request.
  • If someone you are chatting to online says they have fallen in love with you after a few days, it is a red flag. Many online military romance scams depend on people being too trusting of others online.
  • If you are chatting with a stranger online, make sure you see them through your webcam. You want to actually see the person, not just military dating scams pictures.

What Should You Do If You Were Scammed?

If this happens, you should contact the Internet Crime Complaint Office and explain your situation. You are unlikely to receive any of your money back if you have already sent it. But the Internet Crime Complaints Office can try and prevent this from happening to anyone else. The Federal Trade Commission should also be informed that it will try its best to tackle these scammers.


The moral of the story is to always have your wits about you and never trust strangers online. You need to have a real good reason to trust someone you have never met before. So when people ask, how do military romance scams work? You need to tell them by actors pretending to be in the military stationed overseas. They then request financial assistance.


How can you tell a military scammer?

They will tell you they have fallen in love within a short amount of time. Then they will ask for money. This is a scam from start to finish.

How can you tell if a military man is real?

You should request to see him through a webcam and ask to see military papers. If you do not see him and just have communication through messages, it could well be a scammer.

How do you outsmart a romance scammer?

You are in control of the situation; as long as you remember that, you will be fine. They need you to give them something, so you have the power in this scam. Once you refuse to give them what they want, they have lost.

How can you tell if someone is a romance scammer?

They will tell you to lie after lie, and you will never see them, or they may send fake photos. Once you are asked for financial assistance, you need to stop chatting with this person.

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