Russian Women Scams

Russian women scams

The image of the Russian woman in the West has always been that of the perfect wife, beautiful and tender guardian of the hearth. At the same time, there is probably not a single country where they didn’t hear about Russian women dating scams. This is the romance scam that gained momentum in the early 2000s in Russia and is still practiced nowadays.

The victims of these scams are men from Western countries who seek a relationship or even marriage with a Russian woman.

It turns out that entire regions specialize in this type of roguery. Mari El, and in particular Yoshkar-Ola, which has once been called the scam capital of the world, is the most striking example of the localization of this fraud in Russia.

There are other, so to speak, hot spots that can compete in scammed amounts, but we won’t set out a list of Russian women dating scams, as they all operate using the same pattern.

The pattern of the scam:

First, the fraudsters collect the email addresses of men who register on free dating sites. They strike up a friendly conversation on behalf of a woman and at one point ask for the man’s email address under the pretext of communicating directly. Once the address is obtained, the communication stops. The man forgets about it and does not realize that his email has fallen on the fraudster’s list. Later, the fraudster sends to this list of emails a letter supposedly from a Russian girl who wants to make acquaintance with the man, with a captivating photo attached, of course.

Suppose the email is delivered to 1000 people. About 800 men responded. Then the second letter follows, as stereotyped as the first one and containing only general sentences. If a man has asked a question, it remains unanswered. This decreases the rate of return from men: someone senses the trap and adds the address to the blacklist, and someone is not interested in a non-personalized message. But there are those who stay and continue to communicate with “the bride”! They are the ones who will become the victims of the scam.

Letters recounting the life of the Russian girl have a bewitching effect on men. After three weeks she says she is in love with him, an online relationship begins, and he invites her to visit his place.

Oddly, she happily accepts it and asks for money: first for a passport, then for a trip to Moscow to get a visa, then for plane tickets.

But at the very last moment the trip is canceled: either the beloved grandmother of the bride falls ill, or she finds herself in the hospital following an accident or illness… In short, something serious happens, the ticket is lost, and they need to buy another one.

Certainly, the scammer sends to the man all the supporting evidence, including medical certificates, photos of visa, or foreign passports. But for a man the forged instruments are indistinguishable, everything being in Russian.

The scams of Russian girls produce the most incredible stories. Below is an example:
The man is awaiting the arrival of his girlfriend he met online. On the day of the flight, she calls him saying that she has a big problem: she was going to make a present of an antique icon to him, but it was confiscated at customs, and she was arrested as a smuggler. A great sum of money is needed, if she pays it now, she’ll be let off with a warning. The situation is stressful: he has to act very quickly; the flight is in an hour. If he sends money right away, she takes her fight and in a few hours, they’ll be together. Both have been waiting so long for this meeting! Finally, he sends the asked amount, but as you can guess, she won’t come, the flight is missed …

Russian women scams 3What is crucial here, when a man sends money for the first time, this is only the beginning of the scam: he understands that if he does not send money for the second time, he loses his previous investment. And he makes a new transfer from his credit card to finally meet the beautiful.

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The transfers thus made sometimes reach fantastic amounts, 30 to 40 thousand euros. And the man continues to do it for fear of losing everything until he gets wise or runs short of money.

If truth be told, dating scams have existed for a long time. Over time, only technologies have changed – they have moved from real communication to no less effective online communication.

Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to identify a scam at an early stage but pause to think if the girl you only saw in the pictures is starting to ask you for money. Note that on the site you can verify the identity of the lady you are interested in, and you’ll evade disappointment if you opt for a serious dating site like