How To Trick A Dating Scammer?

Dating online is a huge business, and in 2021, dating scams have reached record highs. The key to not being someone who gets conned is to have confidence and belief. You will find dating scams can occur out of nowhere and usually target money. Through this article, we will guide you on how to trick a romance scammer and what methods they use to get money from desperate single foreigners looking for love online.

So here is the list of signs that you should quickly reacts to when searching for a partner online:

  • It is a common practice that women do not want to video chat (scammers never want to show their faces). They will come up with tons of reasons why they can not put on a video. 
  • A typical dating scammer will try to charm you by telling you how much she likes you and wants to be with you. She will patiently wait until you are hooked and then will take advantage of your trust.
  • Dating scammers always ask for money. Some of the common reasons they come up with are a sick relative, debts, house repairs, etc. 
  • They do not accept a ticket or a gift. They just want your money. Once they get your money, they will try to get more from you or switch to the next “victim”.

Unfortunately, many single men who fall in love with a pretty girl in a photo get easily “hooked” and send their hard-earned money. It is important to know as many tricking methods as possible to spot and avoid scam.

How Do You Expose A Romance Scammer?

The question “how do you expose a romance scammer?” is really prevalent. The answer is simplу: by being ahead of them every step of the way. So the list below gives some information on this.

  • A romance scammer has one or two photos (usually they are too good to be true)
  • Finding dating site scams require users to be gullible and easily led. Never allow yourself to be manipulated and told what to do. 
  • Dating scams are always after romantic relationships to hook users into their trap. If a woman you met through a dating site or app says she loved you after a couple of days of chatting, it is a red flag.
  • A great method to expose a romance scammer is to ask them to join a video chat. A scammer will never do it. They will tell you they have poor quality internet, a broken camera on their phones, etc. 

Hopefully, we gave you some ideas on how romance scammers operate. If you look out for these red flags, you will save yourself time and money.


Never trust someone who you have met online on a dating website. These are tips on how to trick a dating scammer. Unfortunately, dating site scams are more and more common, so be ready for the signs if you are using sites and apps for meeting people on the Internet.

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How do you know if you are talking to a scammer?

They will have an excellent way with words, and slowly they will ask for money. They will come up with numerous reasons why they require cash. Among other signs, they will tell you they are madly in love with you.

Can a scammer fall in love with his victim?

They pretend they fall in love with their victim so that the person will trust them. It is a widespread method used.

How to report a scammer?

Make sure you call the police and alert the dating site customer support. So how do you expose a romance scammer? Make screenshots of text messages and save a scammer’s photos.

Are dating scams popular?

Unfortunately, they have increased a lot over the last decade due to more dating platforms. More and more dating scam methods are created which should be spotted and stopped immediately.