The End Of Russian Dating Scammers Era

There is good news, and that is it is much more difficult for Russian dating scammers to get what they want nowadays. With all the sanctions that have been placed upon Russian citizens with bank transfers, it is much more difficult to receive money from a foreign man. There used to be many sites that would try and cheat international men out of money.

Because now the financial situation is complicated in Russia, it has brought many more problems to Russian scammers. They can not do what they used to collect money from guys in other countries. Because of the war in Ukraine, scammers are in for a challenging ride. Things just got a lot more difficult for them.

These scammers now use their friends in other countries such as Kazakhstan or Georgia to receive money from foreign men. These men believe these brides are from these countries. So they can sometimes send money to a bank card in Armenia. These are the ways some scammers are avoiding these sanctions. They are always trying to find legal ways around it. Russian scammers are at the centre of this problem with Russian women scams online. Whenever you are seeking a relationship online, have your brain at full capacity. The good news is that it is getting much more tricky for these scammers to operate.

What Are The Signs Of A Dating Scammer?

Scammers are always trying to steal money from international men. European men who desire women from Eastern Europe need to always be careful. There are always scammers online trying their best to separate money from men. If you are asked by a woman you have never met before for money, you need to say no. There are countless American guys who have been caught by dating scammers. These men can not resist the beauties they believe are online. A scammer will always request money from a man they believe is interested in them. They may come up with a sad story of a parent being in hospital or an ill child. This can pull at the heartstrings of many foreign men.

How Do I Check For Scams?

You must always use common sense and ask questions to the girl you are chatting with online. Make sure you see here through your webcam. Be sure that she is who she says she is. There are so many females that are only looking for financial assistance. Many girls online want a visa to leave their country, so it is vital you check them out before falling head over heels for them. You can always check their profiles. A google search can also uncover some interesting information on them. With so many marriage sites out there, it isn’t easy to know which ones to trust.

Tips On Protecting Yourself From Scammers Online

Everyone needs help to avoid getting scammed in this day and age. There are so many elaborate scams taking place because of the Ukrainian situation; you need to be so careful. Men are always interested in online brides. The list below shows how to avoid scams:

  • Always request a webcam video chat
  • Never send money to another person online
  • Make sure if you allow a woman to visit you, they are contributing to the trip
  • Take things slowly; never rush a online romance
  • Ask her lots of questions and make sure all her answers are consistent
  • Check the Russian dating scammers list

By following these tips, you can avoid getting scammed by women through dating platforms. These ladies are always after someone paying for them, so make sure you are smart online. Once you do this, you will see the bigger picture and have fewer problems.

Common Signs of a Romance Scammer

The signs you need to watch out for are females requesting money; this is the number one thing. They will always tell you they love you in record fast time too. Many of these girls are looking for citizenship so they can leave their country. So any talk of such things should sound alarm bells. You should also make sure these women are not talking about their relatives who are sick or have problems in their country. These are common signs of a scammer. You can find these women anywhere online, so it is important to ask plenty of questions to discover their real intentions.


Overall the Ukrainian situation is cutting down the number of scammers, as it is more difficult for them now. If you are interested in finding a wife and living as a happy husband, think hard about what you do through online dating sites. As a red-blooded man, you are drawn to dating establishments online. But when it comes to “buy a bride website”, you must all be cautious.


How do you tell if a Russian woman is scamming you?

The most common and obvious signs of scams are money requests. It is so typical for Russian brides to ask for money and tell you dozens of reasons why they need it. What should definitely make you feel weird is when a woman asks for money in the beginning of a romance. A woman who is genuinely interested in building a relationship with a man would feel embarrassed to ask for money through a dating site.

How can you tell if someone is a romance scammer?

A true romance scammer is someone who tries to hide any personal information and avoid any chance of chatting via video. You should understand that ladies with genuine intentions would love chatting via video and share personal details so men become even more interested. Romance scammers never share details and avoid being contacted via video.