Webcam scam

Originally, marriage agencies were designed so that women could find life partners, foreign husbands. And men, in their turn, could find wives. The agency acted as a go-between and helped both parties in their search. People got to know each other, met. At best, they got married.

But scammers who have wormed their way into this realm since many years distort the very concept of the marriage agency. They make it into a perverted form of business. Profit-driven, they are interested only in the client’s wallet and don’t shun any means. And they practice, among others, internet webcam scams.

Several agencies make active use of the following roguery and even if it’s not so grave as webcam extortion scam (a.k.a. webcam ransom scam) our goal is to sensitize you.

Webcam scammers imageThe fraudulent agency offers, in addition to correspondence by letters, real-time chats using a webcam. This service is chargeable of course. Men order it quite often: it confirms the woman is real and he’s willing to see who he corresponds with, how she moves, how she carries herself.

So, the man is chatting with the woman, they look at each other, he can see how she is typing, he can see her smiling. Everything seems to be fine and gives the illusion that this conversation is taking place right now. But what is really happening?

The woman typing and looking at you isn’t writing anything right now. You are watching the video record! And since there is no sound, it’s not so obvious. If the man has a suspicion and asks her to do a particular action, to show something, the connection is lost. It’s unfortunate, there is a technical problem…

All this time another person was writing on behalf of the woman and was just running the video.

We don’t even call this person a translator because that is not a translation per se. Such activity defeatures the profession of the translator. It’s just someone who speaks your language and can hold your attention and keep the conversation going!

  • Beware if you are offered a mute chat with a webcam. At the time one could explain why there was just the image. Back in the old days, a webcam chat, the very act of chatting and seeing each other in real-time, was already an advancement in online dating. But now it’s obsolete, any mobile device has a camera and a microphone.
  • In case you find yourself in such a situation anyway, you have a chat and you can see a woman typing, ask her to show the room where she is. Ask her to stand up and show you what she is dressed in etc. The point is to verify that she is the one who is online with you now. If she refuses, she is scamming you.

Did she read your request and did what you asked? Very well. But that is not yet the guarantee of honesty. It’s possible that the woman you are interested in is actually online, but she is not the one writing to you. She pretends to type but it’s another person who does it, the one speaking the foreign language. And it may be so that the woman is not even aware of what you are talking!

Therefore, if you are looking for dating serious women, the best you can do is choose a reliable site. The marriage agency we highly recommend is as it has a flawless reputation in the dating field.

Be noted that a webcam scammer can wait for you not only in the fraudulent marriage agency but also in Tinder or Facebook behind a fake profile. And here the threats are even higher as his goal is to get compromising sexual content of a person and make the latter to pay ransom following to a sextortion scam email.

Do not neglect the rules related to cybersecurity!