Asian women scams

Asian women, Vietnamese, Thai, why do western men love them so much?

First, these women are not as emancipated as in feminized countries, but they are not too shy either. They have a slender figure, gentle nature, the classical vision of a man’s role, and a corresponding attitude towards him.

When he sees her glance filled with tenderness, when she takes a genuine interest in him, when she reminds him that he is the best, sure, it’s disarming. And that seems the highest degree of attention that men find no more in Western women.

This is the reason why a man may seek to get to know an Asian woman. Not a brief love affair (for that it would be enough to go to a bar on a trip), but a serious relationship.

Well, if you are looking for a relationship online, beware of Asian dating website scams, as dishonest people often hide behind the images of beautiful girls who are supposedly interested in meeting you.

Let’s go into how Asian women dating scams us:
1) The simplest is a false identity. A scammer steals someone’s identity and starts corresponding on her behalf with a man.

Russian women scams 3Remember, scammers are good psychologists, they will say whatever you want to hear, and they will convince you of anything. They will conquer your heart and abuse it.

2) The real Asian women looking for men online for a profit. You chat for months, you enjoy it, and you plan to meet in the future. And one day the woman finds herself in a critical situation and asks you to send her money.

For example, your girlfriend suddenly calls you, in panic, saying that she has been arrested by police, she sends you a picture where she is in jail, for some obscure crime, for some misdemeanor. You want to help and make a transfer to pay the deposit.

She sends you the pictures of her in the hospital saying she fell ill and needs money for treatment and medicine. Of course, she’ll provide you with all the supporting documents.

She can also tell you that she lost her job. In short, it could be any problem that can be solved with your credit card.

What are the signs of a romance scammer?

The following is characteristic of not only Asian dating site scams, so keep in memory:

  • Events will develop very rapidly. Time is money. No scammer will spend a month on you.
  • Flattery. Whatever you say, it will always be wonderful for her.
  • As a rule, all your interests and tastes will be very similar to those of the woman. This gives the illusion of being on the same wavelength.
  • You’ll get answers with some break, 5 to 30 minutes, while the girl will be online all the time. You are not the only victim, and she needs time to analyze the information and find something related to your hobby, for example.
  • And if you are talking about some common hobby, then the girl will most likely have a very superficial knowledge of it while pretending to be fond of it.
  • Pay special attention to the 18-25 age group and those who are the first to contact you. More mature and modest women are less likely to be involved in a scam.
  • A beautiful young girl is ready to marry a much older man. And she’s talking about love at first sight out of logic.
  • She refuses or she cannot send more pictures of her or have a video call (her camera is broken; her phone and computer are old etc.). There’s a good chance that there is another person behind her messages, even a man!

So how do you tell if a woman is scamming you?

See above. Any of the above points should put you on alert!


First, don’t rush to sponsor someone you’ve just met online even if she looks like an angel. You can show your generosity when you get to know each other better when you meet in person. And as a gift, you can send an inexpensive sentimental thing or flowers.

Think carefully before sharing personal information on social networks. Remember, anything you say can be used against you, especially your weaknesses, and your passions, anything can be useful for a scammer to better understand and manipulate you.

It’s worth asking her for everyday pictures and comparing them to other pictures.

Use video chats as often as possible. Is this the same person? Is she as attractive as in the photos?

A meeting in real life would be the natural result of your communication. This will not only allow you to make sure she is real but also to verify if you are a good match. Otherwise, you would have a friend in Asia, which is also good!

But before you go to such a distant country, consider speaking to professionals and investigating the person’s identity you are interested in. Feel free to contact us by email (ADDRESS).
The site can give you more answers on this topic and other advice you may need. It would save your time, money, and nerves.


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