How Do Dating Scams Work?

There are various ways women try to scam men online. Most dating scams work in the same way; they are by a lady who pretends she admires a man and requests money. It is a shame, but these tricks have been used for years and are still flourishing today. The online scams are for men who can easily get hooked on women and are emotionally unstable. If this sounds like you, forget online dating.

Russian Women Scams

As you can imagine, these ladies are clever businesspeople. They can have up to twenty men who are interested in her online, and she takes money from all over them per month. With dating scams such as these, they can earn up to $300 per month from each man. So you can imagine it is a lot of money if she has many men. These women feed off men who are insecure and needy. They chat with fake photos and request financial assistance. There could be any number of excuses why they need money. It could be because they have sick relatives or just because they need new beauty products.

Because dating internet scams have been so successful over the years, they continue to be used by these scam artists. They make contact with vulnerable men who are lonely and keen on relationships. Many of these ladies use marriage agencies, and 98% of these are scams. To avoid these scammers, it is essential you request that you meet women in person. All dating scams online work because the man never meets the girl. The woman will always communicate through messages. So always make sure you speak through a webcam using Facebook or Skype.

Types Of Russian Women Dating Scams

They are basic scams that have lasted the test of time. It is straightforward for many girls to get away with scamming guys online. They do this by telling men they have fallen in love. Once the vulnerable man feels she loves him, he can do anything for her. So how do dating scams work? They need the man not to ask many questions for the scam to take place.

So if you are someone that enjoys dating sites, make sure you always see the person with your own eyes online. As soon as your date asks for money, this is a big red flag of scams on dating sites that happen every single day. Straight away, you need to be aware this could be trouble. Below are some widespread “dating traps” foreign men usually find themselves caught in:

  • You think you are chatting with a girl, but the scam has stolen photos from Facebook so that they can steal from their victims. So the images you see are not always accurate; you are chatting to a different person.
  • You are chatting with females who prey on vulnerable, desperate men. They send some messages, and once the victim feels comfortable, they request money.

Both dating scams work to gain money from men looking for love and attention. It is crucial always to be aware when online dating.


These are some of the widespread tricks that can happen when you are searching for romance. It is essential to understand how online dating scams work; once you can detect it, you are in a position to prevent it from happening to you.


How not to get scammed by ‘Russian women’ online?

Be aware of all the tricks that can be played when you are looking for love on the internet. Make sure you constantly chat with females you message through dating platforms. Never send money to strangers or females that request.

What are the tell-tale signs of scammers?

When you are chatting online, and the woman refuses to chat via Skype or video call. When something like this happens, it is an issue. Another sign is when girls ask for financial assistance. Any time money is mentioned, the alarm bells are sounding.

How to avoid any issues at dating sites?

Always get to know a woman for a long time before any gifts are sent. Research the site you are using and use common sense. Another good thing is always understanding how dating scams work?

Which dating establishments can I use?

It is recommended that you use platforms which have good reviews, and sites which assist clients if there are any issues. So a customer support team is great whenever you need assistance.

Here are some of the common tricks that can happen when you’re looking for romance. It is important to understand how online dating scams work; once you can detect them, you are in a position to prevent them from happening to you. This is where our forum can help. On it, you can find most of the popular dating sites and read reviews from others.