What Are Crypto Dating Scams?

There are many crypto romance scams, and they work like any other scam; they aim to separate you from your cryptocurrencies. Nowadays crypto currencies are being used more and more. Before the war in Ukraine, Russian brides were scamming, requesting money to be sent to their accounts. Because of all the sanctions put on the Russian people since the invasion of Ukraine, they can no longer receive money from western men. So they have adapted their approach. Now they are crypto scamming on dating sites. This means they ask single, lonely men for financial support, such as cryptocurrencies. These are known as crypto romance scams.

To prevent such activity, you need to use common sense and never allow a bride through a dating platform to convince you to send her money. Russian women scams are more popular than ever nowadays, as Russian people are feeling pressure from Western sanctions.

How To Recognise Сrypto Dating Scams?

You can recognize such dating app scams crypto when a woman you have been chatting with online starts asking you for cryptocurrencies. These ladies will not be shy to ask for assistance, and there can be several excuses she will use. She may say her relative is ill and in hospital and needs help. This is common, and many men from the US end up sending financial support. Nowadays, cryptocurrency romance scams are the number one way that Russian girls are cheating Western men.

How Do Crypto Romance Scams Work?

They work when a single woman online starts a conversation with a western man. Things go very well, and they may keep in touch for a week, chatting away every day for an hour. Then the Bitcoin dating scams will begin. These females will try to convince the man to send them financial aid in the form of cryptocurrency because MoneyGram and Western Union are not available because of the sanctions.

Cryptocurrency dating scams are the new method used to gain finances from US and European men. Once men fall for this trick, they will send currency to the girl, and there will be no trace of it. This is because cryptocurrency is anonymous. So you will never find out the real name of the girl you are sending the currency to.

Tips To Avoid Being Scammed

There are ways you can stay one step ahead of the pack, and that is to use common sense. Here are some smart tips to remember:

  • You can say no to sending money or cryptocurrency, so you are in charge of the situation; never forget this.
  • All scams on dating sites require the man to play the game with the female. So all you need to do is not play.
  • When you get asked to send money or cryptocurrency from a woman online, say no.
  • You always want to see the woman you have a romance with online. So if a girl refuses to let you see her through a webcam, that is a red flag.
  • The main thing is to not give away any personal details to strangers.

If you are thinking and always using your head, you will be fine. These scams tend to work on those men that are thinking with their other heads. As long as you use dating websites to have some fun and do not believe everything a lady tells you, you will be fine. You can hear so many sad stories through dating establishments. Some of them are as follows: “My father is in hospital, and I can not pay the hospital fees.” or “My landlord is kicking me out onto the street because I can not pay rent”. These are all ways to make men send girls money through online dating crypto scams.


As you can see, things have changed in the world, and now Russian ladies are turning to crypto scams to gain finances. Make sure you are aware of these tricks if you are using dating platforms. Always use common sense and never believe a stranger in a chat room.


How can you tell if someone is a romance scammer?

They will request that you send them money or crypto because they are short of finances. Always make sure you do a good background check on every person you chat with online.

How do you outsmart a romance scammer?

Understand that you are in charge of the situation at all times. You are the one that needs to play the game for them to win. So you do not play their game. Then they will have to look elsewhere for a playmate.

What does a romance scammer do?

They register on dating websites looking for a single, lonely man who they can take advantage of. They will then chat with him for some time until she feels confident he will send her money.

What is crypto dating?

When you crypto date, you are dating with the aid of cryptocurrency. Rather than using fiat money, cryptocurrency is used. This allows you to stay anonymous online. But it can also lead to issues if you are scammed.

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