War In Ukraine: New Dating Scams Opportunities by “Ukrainian Brides”

There were scammers before the war, and we are sure there will be scammers after the war, but right now, there has been a significant increase in the demand for Ukrainian women. This world situation has focused its attention on the country and people of Ukraine. In one way, it is a good thing that the world knows what is going on there. But it also brings out the scammers from the shadows. With Ukrainian women being on TV more than ever nowadays, men from the west want to help them. This is great news for all those scam artists out there.

So because many women in Ukraine are in desperate need of financial assistance, scammers are capitalizing on this. Men from the US and the UK, and many other countries are now wanting to help out as much as possible. So they are unaware of scammers asking for money. So those men that are on Ukrainian brides sites looking for a partner are more likely to be overly generous because of the situation in the country. This is when you must be careful, as scammers are waiting to pounce.

They will pretend to be a Ukrainian woman who needs assistance with money. They will never share a video call online as they now have a great excuse of air raid sirens and constantly must head for bomb shelter. So as you can see the situation is ideal for scammers to get men to send money online Ukraine. So nowadays, it isn’t easy if you are searching for Ukrainian girls online. You must be super careful as the scammers have multiplied. It does not matter which device you use; they can start a scam.

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Spot a Ukrainian Scammer

When you want to spot a Ukrainian scammer, you must look for certain things. The most obvious is a request for a money donation. Anytime you are chatting with a bride through a dating establishment online, be sure to ask her to start her video chat. You want to be able to see her with your own eyes. Many times these people will refuse this request. This is when alarm bells should be sounding. So many foreign men want to help out Ukrainian girls who are trapped in this terrible situation. But there are many more scammers than ever before. The cases have increased by three times since the beginning of the war.

Another thing you need to do to prevent any dating scams from taking place is to check out the profiles well. Do as much homework on any woman you are chatting with online. You want to know as much about her as possible. Ask her as many questions about herself as you can. If you notice a woman has told you she has fallen in love with you within a week or two, be very careful. This is very much a tactic of a scammer. They will want to be your wife and tell you everything you want to hear. A scammer will always want you to be relaxed and happy. At this point, they will ask for financial assistance.

Ukrainian Women Scams

So many western men see Ukrainian girls on TV and become really interested in meeting them. Many single men want to meet these ladies and believe through a dating platform; it can happen. This is when a Ukraine card scam can happen. After some weeks of chatting with a Ukrainian stranger through the dating website, they will send money on their card. It is vitally important that you always see the girl you are chatting with through your webcam. Anytime they refuse this request, you need to think why?

In many cases, it is because they are not who they say they are. This is how countless scams operate. So make sure you use as much of your common sense as possible whenever you are online. These scammers want to get paid with your money.

Tips For Having a Safe Dating Experience

When it comes to dating online safely, there are some things to consider. We have illustrated this below with the tips. The main thing to consider is to never trust anyone until you have chatted with them over a reasonable period of time. Trust should be earned, not given in a matter of minutes or days:

  • Always request to see them through video calls. This will allow you to find out whether they are truthful or not. Anytime they say no, ask yourself why not?
  • Be sure to google their name and research as much about them as you can. This will give you peace of mind.
  • Remember Ukrainian women scams only work if you allow them to work. Always refuse to give anyone online money. As long as you do this you will win.
  • With many European men wanting to be with Ukrainian girls, it is easy to get caught up in desire. But you must have control and always have your brain switched on.
  • There are many marriage sites that are ideal for scammers. Once they know that you are interested in a woman they will try and manipulate you into giving away your money. So never fall for these tricks, do not come across as desperate.

These are tips that will allow you to stay away from any trouble online. Remember that many girls will say they will visit you, if you buy them things. This is another typical scam to avoid.

Final Thoughts

Imagine there are lots of men losing thousands of dollars every week through such scams. If you are worried or concerned about being scammed yourself, you can always contact us, and we will support you. We aim to make sure you never get scammed again. Please remember that there are also scam charity scammers and a list of fake charities which are used to earn money for scammers. One of the most common scams recently has been military scammers format. Using the military as the reason a scam artist will request financial help.