Introduction To Dating Scams

Unfortunately, online dating scams have increased over the last few years and are now a huge business. It is reported that people lost a massive 300 million in scams in 2020. These scams usually focus on women in their forties to fifties and either divorced or widowed. On many occasions, these dating site scams are committed by people who claim they are in faraway destinations but may be in the same city. This article will highlight how to catch and expose such scammers online.

How to trick a dating scammer?

There are ways you can stay one step ahead of these despicable scammers. You must always use common sense when using a dating establishment. If you are chatting with someone who shows lots of interest in you, yet they will not video chat with you, that is a definite red flag. Most romance scammers operate to gain money, and that will be their end game. So they will never want their identification being exposed, so video calls are not suitable for them.

If you feel you may be chatting with a scam artist, you will not want to share any personal information. The less they know about you and your life, the better. This is why you should never allow strangers to access any of your social media platforms. All dating scams rely on you having an open Facebook account. If a scammer can gain access to your personal data, they will use this against you. So make sure you have security on your social media platforms, and only friends or those you trust can access it.

If you have a locked social media account, this will prevent many scammers from even trying to scam. Another big red flag when you are dealing with a scammer is once they start claiming they are ill or have ill relatives; this is a usual scamming trick. So how do you expose a romance scammer? It is easy to tell these people as they use the same trucks. Once they claim to need money or have ill relatives ask for photos of themselves. They will never agree to show you pictures. They will always want to keep themselves hidden from you. The photos on their profile will usually be of someone else.

How do you expose a romance scammer?

You do this by asking them questions about themselves, and you will hear them squirm. These scammers will not want to tell you much about themselves; they like to ask all the questions. So if you want to learn how to trick a dating scammer, you must attack them with questions. Ask for proof of sick relatives and request to chat with them through video calls. Once they tell you, “no, I can not chat,” these are the tell-tale signs of a scammer. These are ways to expose these scammers. You should always remember that romance scammers are used to getting their way, so once they feel they are not getting what they want, they will become agitated. This will show you they are not trusting individuals.


So now you know how to trick a romance scammer. These tips will undoubtedly expose these people and leave you with peace of mind while dating online.

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How do you know if you are talking to a scammer?

They will usually always say they are falling in love far too quickly. These are the signs of a scammer. They often do not want to answer your questions.

Can a scammer fall in love with his victim?

This is what they always state. A scammer will always claim to fall in love with their victim. This is a lie, as they want to make the victim feel comfortable and safe.

Will a scammer use a video call?

Never, they will avoid at all costs being seen via video calls. They will never want to be seen by their victim through a webcam.

How to avoid such scams?

You must use common sense and always be alert. Never share too much sensitive data about yourself. Always make sure your social media platforms are locked to strangers.