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Dating fraud protection site
Russian antiscam guide
Dating fraud protection site

christine shkelle

Osipova Olesya

Osipova Olesya

Date de naissance: 9 February, 1982
Adresse: Russie, Zelenodolsk
Russia,Zelenodolsk city, Severnaya street 9, 422544


Escroc Inna Smirnova

Scammer Natalya Yandyganova,...

snezhana with kseniya

Snehzana Korotko, Snezhinka...

Date de naissance: 25 August, 1972
Adresse: Russie, Novorossiysk
Russie, Russia, Rusland,Novorossiysk, ulitsa Pionerskaya 37. Apartment 19. postal index 353922

natalya shelemova

natalya shelemova

Date de naissance: 2 February, 1981
Adresse: Russie, Cheboksary
vilaggio vasilsursk via sovetskya d.86

Kseniya Makarova

Kseniya Makarova

Date de naissance: 4 February, 1970
Adresse: Russie, KIROV
100, Rue Vorovskogo

lovesaiko, Lyubov Sayko, Liubov Sayko, Lova Lova

Lyubov Sayko, Liubov Saiko,...

Date de naissance: 2 January, 1990
Adresse: Ukraine, Kherson
Kherson,Ukraine Germany, Austria

Mariya Vetrova

Mariya Vetrova

Korobeynicowa Natalja

Korobeynicowa Natalja

Date de naissance: 17 January, 1978
Adresse: Russie, kaluga
Street Lomonosova, 8 Appartement 14 248001 Kaluga

Anastasiya Aganina

Date de naissance: 16 April, 1978
Adresse: Russie, arkangelsk
C/ Gagarin nº 34, 83 Gorodec 606500 Rusia

irina Konakova

Adresse: , Russie
413090, Marks, Oktyabrskaya rue, 17 appt. 24, Russie.

Anastasiya  Sharip

Anastasiya Sharip

Date de naissance: 24 June, 1985
Adresse: Russie, orenburg
Pais - Rusia Ciudad - Orsk, Calle - Korolenko Casa / Apartamento - 124 (A)/5 Código Postal - 462404

Hue Lau Kie

Hue Lau Kie

Date de naissance: 22 May, 1963
Adresse: ,
5528 Memorial Drive, Keller, Texas, 76244



ekaterinka psichodelka



ywaremko ??? Valeriya

Chumachenko Valeriya

Date de naissance: 30 June, 1984
Adresse: Ukraine, Blisnyuki
Blisnyuki dans la région de Kharkov en Ukraine.

Svetlana Kitova, Scam Girls

Svetlana Kitova

Date de naissance: 5 July, 1974
Adresse: Russie, Volhov
rue Naberegnaya, Numero 43, Appartament 17. Code Postal: 198099

Tamara Horoshevskaya

Tamara Horoshevskaya

Verification of the identity of Russian women

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This is a unique service that allows you to check a Russian woman background, to know if she's a real woman or a dating scammer

You can easily check  her name, address, date of birth and and check if pictures are real and belong to her .

The background check can be performed for the whole Ukraine and for 90% of the Russian Federation territory.

If you attach a copy of a Russian woman visa, international passport and other travel documents we'll verify if they are not fake ones.

We offer two solutions satisfying your needs:

Official Background Verification of a Russian woman

We use the public and private databases of Russian and Ukrainian citizens that are reserved to the official authorities for Russian and Ukrainian women background check.

This work may take 2 to 3 business days but it will give you accurate information.

With her name and address you can check:

If her name is true

If her address is real

If her pictures are real

If her birth date is true


Express Background Verification of a Russian woman

85% of Russian and Ukrainian women are listed in one of the four major Russian social networks (equivalent to Facebook). As those sites are in Russian language,  a PRO-DATER or a SCAMMER does not expect us going there to get her profile. It gives you the opportunity to see the real pictures, places of study and work of the Russian or Ukrainian woman you are interested in.