Scams involving Russian women in France

Most Russian women in France who have been abroad or met foreign guests in their city have attracted their appreciative glances. Websites designed to find foreign wives are full of Russian women. They know that Western men appreciate their education, femininity, and attractive appearance.

Men, in turn, have seen from the example of others (a friend, a colleague, or a neighbor) how attractive a Russian woman (that is, a Slavic woman, as there is much in common between Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians) can be. Someone has read articles and seen photos on websites. Someone has gone to Russia for business and cannot forget the thrill of the large number of charming women walking the streets of Russian cities.

Thus, any single Frenchman who has crossed paths with a Russian woman at least once has probably imagined someone like her by his side. That’s why many Frenchmen sign up on dating sites with women from the East, despite the language difficulties and distance.

Be sure, if the site is reliable, it’s the best solution!

But why not look for a Russian woman who is already in France? This could make the task so much easier!

Indeed, some matrimonial agencies claim to have many single Russian members who are in France and invite you to get to know them. Finding such a site, a man rejoices, thinking that his search for love will be easy. In reality, it is somewhat different. A large number of beautiful single Russian women in a European country is surreal. If a beautiful Slavic girl comes to France, she has several suitors for her heart very quickly. She does not need to register on a dating site or a matrimonial agency; she already has a wide choice, if not an embarrassment of choice.

But who are these Russian women whose profiles the French website displays?

If a Russian woman in France registers with a matrimonial agency, it means she has very high expectations and criteria for a man. The average man is not suitable for her; she is looking for a wealthy husband, and she only makes connections through the agency because if a man has money to pay for agency services, he will have money for her.

It is very easy to recognize her; the beautiful doll will immediately suggest spending a weekend on the Côte d’Azur together or propose going to a very expensive restaurant before bothering to take an interest in you. For such women, it is a way to live well. And you will spend thousands of euros without getting anything in return.

Of course, we are talking about the generality of cases. It is possible that you really appeal to one of these girls. The simple and fail-safe test to check and understand her motivation is her reaction to physical contact.

If on the second or third date you tried to kiss her (which is normal for Russian and European mentality) and she responded positively, apparently, she is genuinely interested. But if she says that she only kisses after marriage, figuratively, it is better to stop right away: she feels nothing towards you.

Other categories of women

Another category of Russian women in France looking for a partner through a website or agency is those who cannot do it themselves due to mental and character problems. So be cautious. If she is beautiful and in a country where so many men dream of an Eastern wife, why is she alone? What is she looking for on the site?

Sometimes the men around her are not handsome and wealthy enough for her, sometimes she has a difficult personality, sometimes she is not looking for a relationship.

In summary

Russian women in France who are motivated to live with a man are already in a couple or married. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from finding an Eastern European woman in her country (the simplest in terms of finances and organization, in Ukraine once everything returns to normal) and bringing your gem back home to France in the future. It is essential to understand the following: those who do not want to take additional steps to meet the right woman, including going to another country, miss opportunities and encounter scammers. As a result, they lose money, time, and hope for a happy encounter. But the latter is possible if you seek a woman through a reputable agency.