Scamming Belarusian Women

It seems that the rise of social media and the emergence of dating apps should have completely overshadowed matrimonial agencies. However, these agencies are still in demand. Despite the events shaking the world, people continue to create families, and acquaintances through matrimonial agencies are precisely with those who seek to build a family, including outside their countries.

Many men from Western countries seek a wife in Belarus, claiming that local women are spoiled or more focused on professional achievements. While there are many praises for Belarusian women, praising their beauty and family values.

Quite a few men have found life partners by contacting a Belarusian matrimonial agency. However, there are also those who have complained about Belarusian women scam.

  • What are the common practices of Belarusian women scams?

To win, the fraudster usually bypasses the matrimonial agency and registers on a dating site where she looks for someone gullible with a fat wallet.

The scammer creates a fake profile of a beautiful girl, and as soon as the man falls for it, she starts playing the love story. She has no social networks and no camera, as her PC is old. So, there is only correspondence and photos.

Despite this, it is easy to be captivated by this beautiful girl, and with the psychological tricks she applies, a man quickly realizes that he has fallen for her. Then the girl suddenly has money problems, and she asks the man to solve them, which he gladly does.

A real person starts communicating with a man, pretending to be looking for a romantic relationship. Unlike the first type, there can be video calls, voice messages, and many everyday photos of the girl – everything indicates that she is not fake.

  • Belarusian women scam: Methodology

The good news is that cases of romance scams in Belarus are not as widespread as in other Eastern countries because conditions have been created at the state level to combat fraud. This concerns matrimonial agencies in particular.

In the Republic of Belarus, the activities of matrimonial agencies must be carried out within a certain legal framework. To open an agency and publish ads, it is necessary to obtain a license. The issuance of licenses is carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which has the right to subject the license applicant to an examination and check the compliance of the applicant’s abilities with the requirements.

The activity is thus subject to fairly precise regulations. Even offering individuals the opportunity to publish profiles on the site can be interpreted as illegal commercial activity. This is prohibited and carries liability under the Administrative Offenses Code of the Republic of Belarus.

  • Belarusian Agencies

Many agencies in Belarus have been on the market for more than 10 years, and they work with proven partners. Agencies guarantee the safety of clients, as the first meeting always takes place in the agency’s premises.

So, if you are looking for a fiancée in Belarus, it is advisable to do so through matrimonial agencies.

On the flip side, such strict state regulation of this activity creates difficulties for foreign men:

  • a large number of documents;
  • a fairly large amount for an agreement on the search for a wife;
  • administrative formalities in case of marriage.
  • All this turns a romantic story into continuous bureaucracy and an obstacle course.

Another limiting factor is the relative closure of the country. Every time a girl wants to go to a Western country, she has to get a visa. There are also restrictions for the foreign man: the limited duration of stay in the country, the lack of choice of the arrival airport – it must exclusively be the National Airport of Minsk.

Well, do not be discouraged. If you are 100% sure you want a Belarusian wife, contact a matrimonial agency to be better protected against Belarusian women scams and others. Just remember what you will have to face when it comes to developing a relationship.

  • Look elsewhere

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