Scams by African Women

In today’s world, marriage between a man from a Western country and an African woman is not an exceptional thing. People travel a lot and find love in sometimes unexpected places. And we wish happiness to these couples.

Scams by African Women

However, we find it necessary to warn you about possible scams by African women. After all, there are not only those who are honest and sincere in their intentions but also those whose goals are exclusively opportunistic. And after reaching their goals, they disappear without remorse and without a trace.

  1. received a letter from Miss Kamara from Liberia. A few days before that, he had posted his profile and email address on a dating site. She contacted him directly. Judging by the photo, his correspondent was a cheerful girl with dark skin. The letter was pleasant in every way, the romantic person was hopeful for the future relationship.

Miss Kamara talked about herself, her tastes, and she was very interested in N. She seemed well-educated and open-minded. N. liked her a lot; she seemed to have a very gentle and affectionate nature, not to mention her thrilling and exotic beauty.

One day, Miss Kamara confided in N. about her story. She lived in a refugee camp after the murder of her parents. She came from a respectable family, dreamed of leaving the country, starting her own family, and pursuing a career. But who needs an African girl with nothing to hope for? N. couldn’t resist. He was unaware of the tricks of scammers, and he let himself be seduced.

Sending Money

The man sent her money for plane tickets and other expenses to leave the country. But as soon as he did, the correspondence was cut off, and the African girl in love disappeared. As you can see, scammers know how to use subtle psychological tricks. They will discover your weaknesses and play on your vulnerability at the right time.

The current political situation in the world is always taken into account; forged documents are used, and for more solidity, “pastors” and “lawyers” participate in negotiations. In this context, it is worth mentioning the so-called “Nigerian letters.” This scheme is not necessarily classified as sentimental scams, but its victim can become a person who signs up on a dating site.

The Simplistic Scam Scheme

The scheme is simple: in the letter sent on behalf of an African woman, the widow of the Nigerian dictator, there are millions of dollars that the sender can only obtain with the help of a third party, namely the message recipient. Naturally, a solid reward is offered for the service. To carry out the operation, the intermediary needs a negligible amount of money compared to future profits. The naive man makes the transfer, and the widow disappears. The scheme is simple, effective, and still works. It can also involve a bank deposit whose owner has died without heirs, a request for release from captivity, and so on.

You might even meet a girl in your country, and as soon as a relationship begins, she has to travel to Africa or visit her family. And that’s where a “painful event” happens to her, and she will ask you to send her money.

In short, scammers are very creative. Therefore, we remind you, check and double-check everything. Take your time and do an online search on scams by African women. Seek advice from an expert and verify the person’s identity through Never send money to someone you don’t know well. You will lose it and get nothing but disappointment.

She’s not a scammer, but note the following…

If you are looking for a relationship with an African woman, consider a few facts.

The standard of living in most African countries is still not high. Africa suffers from unemployment and corruption. And often, women seek to marry a Western man solely to leave the country.

The financial situation of the groom is of particular interest. Do not forget the potential commitment to financially support the large family of the bride.

Difference in mentality: In many cases, African women find it difficult to integrate into another society (which is why, in fact, “black neighborhoods” appear, people tend to be with bearers of the same culture, which is normal).

Therefore, you must study the mentality and culture of the woman well. Will you both be comfortable in your emotional and daily life? Are you ready to travel to Africa, which is not always safe?

Despite this, love makes everything possible, so it’s up to you to decide and choose, just stay cautious and wise!