Fake Women Profiles on Facebook and Instagram

The obvious fact is that nowadays most people choose the internet as their primary means of communication. Social media holds a special place in this, thanks to excellent opportunities for self-presentation.

Crafting a fake female profile

A well-made profile can attract the attention of a large number of users from all over the world. In this context, meeting people through social networks like Facebook and Instagram might seem like a good idea for those seeking a romantic relationship.

Online, everything seems simple. We’re told that all it takes is uploading good photos with hashtags like #dating, #relationships, #gettingtoknowyou, and your interest will reach recipients with similar desires and goals. It’s suggested that it all begins with neutral responses to stories or “likes,” and if a conversation is initiated, acquaintance is already made, and you can continue getting to know each other.

But everything seems easy only in theory. Despite the fact that social media allows for unlimited communication, neither Facebook nor Instagram should be considered dating platforms, as the chance of finding someone for a serious relationship is very low.

The number of users interested in romantic encounters constitutes only 20%, so don’t forget to filter by age, country, and physical characteristics according to personal preferences. In the end, there are only a negligible number of potential partners.

On the other hand, the chance of encountering a scammer is quite high. Why? Because scammers use all means available, operating through fake profiles. You know that a fake profile is one behind which hides a person other than the one described on their page.

Fake profiles, false pages

It takes nothing supernatural to create a fake Instagram page. The process is absolutely identical to registering and creating a regular profile. The process of creating a fake Facebook account is also feasible. You just need to make this account credible and have a phone number associated with it. What could be simpler?

In some Eastern countries like Belarus, a new SIM card can be bought for $5, and no identification is required to register. This fact makes social networks very attractive for those who make a living by deceiving. And if an account is compromised, there’s nothing stopping them from creating another one.

Scams on Facebook and Instagram through fake profiles of beautiful women are no different from other types of romantic scams. There are always two obligatory moments: deception (breach of trust) and taking possession of the victim’s belongings (money).

Well-orchestrated scenario

Scammers pretend to be single women, for example, those from the provinces, undoubtedly beautiful and who already see a potential husband in you. The woman gets to know a man (and most often several men at once), intense correspondence quickly turns into a long-distance relationship, and then the woman has problems, and a large sum of money is needed. The victim makes a transfer and is immediately banned.

And it’s fortunate if such a story doesn’t drag on and become a series of money transfers. Of course, the man may realize that he’s being scammed and cease all communication, but he has wasted time and is disappointed, while the scammer continues their activity.

Women can also fall victim to a romance scam on Instagram or Facebook!

A military man or a poor student are classic images:

“The man wrote first. He said he was in the United States. A soldier… The first thing he asked was if I was married. He said he was looking for a wife. The correspondence, dull at first, gradually developed. He talked a lot about himself, about his tough service. I felt sympathy for him, and some compassion from me was enough for him to suddenly and irrevocably fall in love and start talking about marriage. Which seemed strange to me…”

“The second alarming moment was allusions to a gift for him in the form of a smartphone or tablet, as a keepsake… I didn’t react, but I responded to his feelings. I began to get used to our exchanges. One day, he talked about his difficult life, and I said I would like to help but didn’t know how. And almost immediately, he sent me the necessary information for the transfer of ‘humanitarian aid.’ That’s when I understood everything! I refused, to which I received a cynical response: Forget about me if you don’t want to help me!”

So, don’t believe everything you see on Instagram and Facebook. Keep in mind that there are a large number of fake profiles hiding scammers behind them.

Certainly, these social networks have communication advantages, but if you are looking for someone for a romantic relationship, the chances of finding them through a serious dating site are much higher.