How to Bring To Justice the Ukrainian Scam on Dating Sites?

If you have encountered Ukrainian dating site scams, we are the service that can help. Any time you are scammed, we can assist you in getting a statement ready so that you can catch these scammers. Everyone wants justice, and with Ukrainian marriage site scams, it can be tricky. Usually, the police are the first people called. It is not always the best idea. We are here free of charge to help people get through this personal drama.

Verify Russian Girls Service

Our service can verify any girl you want. We can check with just a picture and tell you if she is who she claims to be. We are able, with our technology, to check through a database of Ukrainian dating site scammer list. We will tell you if she is legit or if you need to stop all communication with her.

What Do I Need to Do?

Anytime you have had any encounter with a scammer on a dating site Ukraine, we should be contacted. We do not charge a fee; it is totally free. We can then get a team of lawyers and ex-police officers on your case. We will make the bureaucratic procedure much easier if you trust us with your details.


You can give us any photos you may have of the girl who scammed you. We can check through our database and find out about her. Our assistance will provide you with a detailed map of what you need to do to get some form of justice.

Text messages/Phone numbers

You can give us phone numbers or text messages, and we can work with that information to compile accounts on scammers. Rather than call the police, we can assist you and allow you to understand the complicated Ukrainian bureaucratic laws.

Other details

We can work with you even if you provide us with financial transactions, and email correspondence with the female. Our educated staff, which are used to these types of scams, will go through everything so you can get justice for this criminal act.

How Does It Work?

So once you contact our service, we will get our top professionals on your case to assist you in any way possible. Our service will help you make your case strong and gather all the relevant dating ID and documents required. It is unfortunate that Ukrainian marriage sites can cause so many foreigners such trouble. With our service, we are here to help you through it.

Why Should You Work With Us?

If you want some justice, we are the service to use. The national police in Ukraine are very busy and this type of scam happens too often, for them to take special attention. So through us we can get all the information you need to try and get some justice. We have a long list of dating site scammer names, so we can tap into our database and find out what is happening in your case.


A dating site scammer works to gain money from primarily international clients. If you have been a victim of this type of scam we are here to assist you. We know how angry this can make people, especially if a lot of money has been scammed. We have the ability to check the passport of girls who are known scammers. We know the sites that can cause trouble and can help you gather a case against them. We are a service that is free, so you have nothing to lose.


How can I get justice?

We provide public relations with you and can tell you what is required to get some justice. It can be very difficult for foreigners who are scammed, they do not know where to turn. We can assist.

Can you help with just a picture of the girl?

Yes, we have a database that is able to check various dating site scammer pictures. We can compare the picture we get from you to well-known scammers. We will tell you if you have a chance of some compensation.

How long until you give me the feedback you found?

We aim to do our research and get back to you within 7 days. Every case is unique but generally, 7 working days is enough time for our team to gather the data.

What can I get back from a scammer?

Unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed. We will do our best to compile the evidence and estimate your chances with what we have found. We aim to give you feedback on the best possible outcome from your case.

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