Ukrainian Online Romance Scams. 2022 Trends

Unfortunately, romance scams 2022 have increased due to the war in Ukraine. Dating scams online with Ukrainian girls claiming to be in trouble in parts of Ukraine is sky high. It is becoming more likely that if you are contacted by a female through a dating platform, it will be a Ukraine dating scam.


Discussing Ukraine Romance Scams

As the situation in Ukraine rages on, there are some people taking advantage. The trend seems to be women requesting money as they are in danger. These are known as romantic scams. It is essential if you are using online dating sites, you do not fall victim to online dating scams 2022.

How Do Ukrainian Romance Scams Work?

The common scamming trick is to make a guy overseas send money through a dating website. It is essential you do not fall for such scams online because Ukraine dating scams are more common than ever nowadays because of all the war stories these scammers create.

What You Need to Know About Romance Scams from Ukraine

Our service aims to make sure you never get scammed online. We offer a checking service that can tell you if the person you are chatting with online is a scammer. We can check the profiles of those you are not sure about online. We check various social media sites to find information about the person you are in contact with. Our services are free of charge; we want to prevent you from being victims.


The first thing that will happen is someone through a dating site will contact you if you are interested in a relationship. They will know you want a relationship and will play on this point. Then the grooming will start. They will tell you what you want to hear. They will hope you are lonely and desperate. Once they find out you are, they will start the Ukraine bride scam.

War in Ukraine

The signs of a romance scammer are to request money for medicine or food. The war in Ukraine has created more possibilities for scammers to find more victims. The many stories we hear are those requesting assistance to leave the country.

Refugees. Flee Ukraine

Many scammers will say they hope to leave on a bus, but it costs money that they do not have. They will send desperate messages to men to get financial help with a bus trip—a complete scam.

Urgent Move to Poland

Many people have headed to Poland, so scammers will use this as a way to gain money. They will request assistance to get to Poland. They will ask for money as they have no chance of immigration without money.

Broken Smartphone and Problems with the Internet

Another excuse is a broken phone, so they will want you to send money so they can contact you. These romance scammer tactics are common with online dating.

I Need to Check a Person From Ukraine

If you need to check the truth about a person you are in contact with online, we can help. Our service can do background checks to ensure the person is not a scammer. Many Asians are getting involved in these scams so we check anyone you wish. We want to protect people, and our service is free.


Our service is free, and we give people peace of mind while dating online. The romance scammer phrases like, I need money, are big red flags. Many scams involve telling you they have fallen in love in days. This is how to know if you are being scammed online dating.


How to prevent a scam?

Call us, and we can do a background check for free and give you peace of mind.

What is a common scam?

Requesting money due to the war situation in Ukraine. They will use Ukraine dating scammer photos, which are fake and can be found on other social media sites.

How to protect myself?

Use common sense, and do not fall for the lies of scammers. Contact our service, and we will help.

How do I know if a girl is real I met online dating?

There are lots of romance scammer photos 2022. These are beautiful girls looking amazing. Men fall for these, but they are not real photos. These are a setup for a scam.

By the way, on our forum, you can find an active discussion on the topic of fraud with dating sites and marriage agencies.