Romance Scams by Russian Women in Kazakhstan

Our website has been working since 2009, helping people against romance scammers. Kazakhstan was never a country that had a big problem with romance scams until the war in Ukraine happened. So since the summer of 2022, Kazakhstan has jumped to the top of the list of romance scammer countries. What caused it is the number of Russian women who are now living there.

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Why Are Russian Women in Kazakhstan?

It is now almost impossible to send money from countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe to Russia. Romance scammers rely on this, and since the war in Ukraine, this has prevented their business in a considerable way. All the significant money-sending companies, such as Western Union and Moneygram, have closed their offices in Russia. International bank transfers are not possible either. So scammers have been left with a big problem. So they have decided to relocate to Kazakhstan to continue their romance scamming business.

How Scammers Solved Their Money Transfer Issues?

Nowadays, romance scammers are looking at ways to navigate this problem; one of the easiest ways to get around this is to relocate to countries friendly with Russia. So the former USSR countries such as Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan have no restrictions for Russian citizens.

Scammers have used these countries to continue to take advantage of Western men with their romance scams. These scammers are looking for women who will give their names and receive money via Western Union or Moneygram for a small fee without asking too many questions. Anytime you are asked to transfer money to Kazakhstan, it is a dangerous situation.

How Do Russian Women Still Come to Western Europe, US and other countries?

Countries like Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Turkey are on an air link with Russia. It is easy for a woman to head to these countries, then take another plane to a man’s home in Europe.

You will find that Russian women will not say too much when asked about their visa to Europe. It has been impossible for them to access European countries since the war began.

Professional scammers are claiming it is a Russian woman with a passport from Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan; this makes their story slightly more believable. Other scammers like to pretend that a Russian woman holds a passport from Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania. This is so the man does not ask too many questions about how the woman got to France or another European country.

What is The Scam Involving Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan?

There are two popular romance scams that are happening regularly nowadays. Most often, it is a Russian woman who falls in love with a Western man and needs to go home via Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan. The second scam is related to a Kazakh or Kyrgyz woman who looks like a stunning, attractive Slavic woman who wants to meet her man in her country. Never doubt that these are scams by Russian women, which aim to separate Western men from their money.

In both these situations, the scammer wants you to send money to her for her plane ticket, insurance, and visa. All in the hope of getting through the embassy process and meeting you. Some sophisticated scams, like the lotto scam in Kazakhstan. Please check out the details below.

We are in correspondence with a scammer in Kazakhstan; she has not realized that we know about her intentions. We are keeping her busy by going along with her lies; she wants money so badly that she does not stop demanding money from us. She tries to persuade us with sexy talk, trying her best to make us send her what she wants. I say that I am currently in the hospital, so she has to wait for any money. 

So we have Svetlana from Kazakhstan who wants to scam us with the sophisticated Kazakh eLoto lottery. In this scam, she claims she has bought us a winning lottery ticket which has won over $500,000; these are very popular in Kazakhstan. She then sends us the winning lottery ticket. Then we are contacted by Mr Almas Aidosov, Fiduciary Agent of eLoto, who is reported on the internet as a scammer too. He claims he wants to help us and kindly opens a temporary bank account for foreigners at JSC Zaman Bank. 

He then sends us a 10-page booklet with all the information on the account and an access code for account statements. All the documents they send are perfectly credible, and the links work. Before the money is available in the account, he tells us we must pay compulsory insurance in Kazakhstan of $4,160, which can be sent in several ways. He gives us an account we can send money to, or we can pay through Bitcoin. Below is the email we were sent from Mr. Almas Aidosov.”

The email was sent to us by the scammer.

“Mr. Gaetano, which was the name I used for correspondence. I am an official representative of eLoto Company. I have already tried to contact you several times with no luck. Thank you for finally taking the time to answer my email. I have important information for you as you are the sole winner of the winning ticket. Our payment service must make a payment of your winnings. You can request two methods of payment for your winnings. I have provided the necessary information about withdrawing your funds below. 

Please fill in the information and send me a reply for the processing of your data. The information requested by the company JSC eLoto is necessary for your official registration of you as a winner. It is required by law in Kazakhstan and state bodies. You must complete all fields below so that I can process your winnings for payment. May I congratulate you on your winning eLoto ticket?”


Anytime you see a combination of Russian women and Kazakhstan, be cautious. Nowadays, these words used together are a synonym for a romance scam. If you are ever in contact with a woman from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, or a Russian woman who is passing through these countries, you better contact us. We are an experienced company that has been assisting people who believe they are being scammed. We will verify the identity of the woman in question, so you can know for sure if she is a scammer or a genuine person. The good news is all our services are free, so there is nothing to pay.