Romantic Scams: How Does It Unfold?

The explosion of social networks has offered a multitude of possibilities to Internet users, but it has also seen a surge in romantic scams. User information from social networks is used for malicious purposes. In reading this article, you will discover the unfolding of romantic scams and how to avoid them.

Romantic scams via webcam

This is one of the most commonly used methods in romantic scams. These fraudulent methods are often employed by individuals known as “brouteurs.” Indeed, romantic scams by these individuals begin with contact on social networks. It is essential to note that these are often people hiding behind fake profiles.

When you accept the contact, the “brouteur” will send you attractive messages. As the messages progress, the victim will be invited to adult video chats. The difference here is that the victim sends real videos at the same time as the other person.

Although it may seem real, be aware that the scammer manipulates feelings, broadcasts fake content, and systematically records yours. From then on, the “brouteur” will try to blackmail you with your recorded videos. Generally, they demand a high ransom, threatening to publish your videos on the web if not paid.

Fraud based on romantic relationships

Similar to webcam fraud, romance fraud offered via webcam uses the same classic principles of scams. However, in this case, the scammer focuses more on the sentimental aspect, emphasizing love and the desire to meet their supposed beloved someday. This method requires more time. The “brouteur” first conducts research on social networks.

Once a profile is identified, the contact begins. The scammer reveals romantic feelings to the victim. All methods are used to make the victim fall in love. Promises of marriage, romantic dinners, and other tactics are widespread. And there, one thing is certain: the victim becomes practically dependent on the “brouteur.”

The latter takes advantage of this vulnerability to intelligently extort money from the victim. Pretexts are varied, ranging from hospitalization costs for a non-existent patient to expenses for obtaining a fake visa. The amounts are often colossal.

Tips to avoid romantic scams

The methods used by scammers are so varied that it is difficult to anticipate upcoming romantic scams. However, you can use certain applications to verify photos sent during presentations or seek the assistance of a reputable organization.

Using Google Maps, it is possible to determine if an image has been used multiple times on social networks. This method allows you to trace the history of the photo and the site on which it was taken. However, this method does not always yield conclusive results. The only thing to do to thwart romantic scams is to stay vigilant.

Do not rush to conclusions, as there is a risk of falling victim to a scammer. Take your time and ask questions to your interlocutor. Pose questions, prolong the discussion, pretend to have forgotten details of previous conversations. If the person wants to commit quickly and avoids answering your direct questions, there is a higher chance that this interlocutor is a scammer and “brouteur” aiming to delve into your wallet.