Scam of Brazilian and Colombian Women

Colombia is famous worldwide for its beautiful women. Colombian women are rightly ranked first in beauty contests and in the global fashion industry. Brazilian women, too, have a radiant physique and seductive forms that attract men’s attention. Furthermore, Colombian and Brazilian women traditionally receive an education that makes them wonderful wives; they are devoted to family, hospitable, and caring. All of this may prompt you to seek a woman among them.

But how can you avoid falling victim to a scam involving Brazilian women?

 Here is a quite common scam scenario:

“A man met a young Brazilian girl online, and they chatted for several months. He fell in love with her, of course; remember, these women are very captivating. All this time, she maintains the image of a wonderful relationship and agrees with everything he says, making him believe she is in love with him. At some point, they decide he will come to Brazil, they want to live together, and since she lives with her parents, he sends her money to find an apartment for them and everything necessary. But when the man arrives in her country, it turns out she is not waiting for him at the airport as they agreed; she does not answer calls or messages—she has disappeared. He goes to the police, saying he fell victim to the Brazilian women scam, but what can they do? This woman did not force him to send her money; he did it voluntarily. The love story was not real, and the man lost his money.”

The Ideal Scenario of Brazilian Women Scam

Unfortunately, such cases occur, and you must be cautious when meeting someone online. There are fake profiles, catfishing, scammers looking to profit… Below are some scenarios that should raise your alarm.

A woman tells you that she was born in another country but came to Brazil to take care of her sick grandmother, and now she needs money to return to her country.

You chat online with a woman for some time, and she starts telling you that her phone is dying or does not have a camera. Wake up; apparently, she just wants an upgrade, a new Apple, or another device to her liking.

She starts talking about some problem that could be solved with money she does not have. 

Determining Seriousness

Know that a respectful woman who wants a serious relationship cannot be bought. Certainly, when you already know who she is, if a relationship has developed, you can help her materially, and it will be appropriate. Even if there are those who may not accept it immediately.

When you come to Colombia or Brazil to see her in person, if she wants something serious with you, be sure she will introduce you to her family. For example, she will invite you for dinner. Why? Because Colombian and Brazilian women have strong family values. They are family-oriented. They want to get their parents’ approval; they want to see how you behave, how you will be welcomed by her parents, and understand your intentions as well.

Perhaps she will introduce you to her sister or brother or her friends if, for example, she has a strict and not very friendly father who may consider you a foreigner who came to have fun. But be sure she will try to integrate you into her circle.

In Summary

To sum up, it is genuinely possible to find a beautiful, honest, and hardworking girl online. Maybe she already has children, don’t let that scare you. Maybe she is still pursuing higher education or working, living with her parents… The main thing is that she is seeking a relationship just like you.